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Use this page to post your locator requests. Describe the person or thing that you are trying to locate. Please provide as much information as you can about the unit involved. Provide company, battalion, and brigade/regiment as in this example: Co. C, 4/21st Infantry, 11th LIB.

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  1. Anyone out there who remembers me? Johnny “Doc” Walker. Went over on the Gordon with the Ft. Hood bunch. Was in 9th Support until we got there, then to 1/46th on Hill 69. Was C Co. 4th platoon medic, then C Company Sr. Aid man after Alverez.. 67′>68′. From Texas, back in Texas. May be contacted at

  2. Hello. I am wondering if there is anyone from CO A, 8 CAV DIV VIETNAM BSM & OLS-AM-PH. Army. I do not know what all of this means; I am reading it from the tombstone of my first cousin, Larry Lee Shaw. He was killed in Vietnam on August 11, 1969. He was only 20 years old. Is it possible that someone might have known him and could share a memory? He was killed within 3 months of his arrival there. He was a beautiful boy. Thank you and God bless you all for what you have given. J. Donovan

  3. i am trying to locate anyone who may have known pfc john “jackie” fullerton jr. who was an infantryman with the americal div in 1967.he came from boston area. he was age 19.he was wounded 3 times in combat ( 3 PH) and BSM.on his 3rd wound he was removed from the field and sent to saigon for duty with delta co. 52nd inf, 95th MP Bn, 18th MP BDE. and was based at long binh.he was deployed to fight at the us embassy on 31 jan 68,and was killed at 0900 on his return to long binh by rocket fire on his vehicle. can anyone confire this? thank

  4. I’m trying to locate guys I worked with in the 449th Signal Detachment Avionics Shop from January 1968 – January 1969. We were attached to the 123rd Aviation Battalion, Americal Division in Chu Lai. Our call sins were the Pelicans, Scorpions and War Lords.
    Barry Bomberg
    Gary Bassett
    Marty Lawson
    James Rhodes
    Dave Porter
    Mike Paulsen

    Jim ONeil

  5. I am trying to locate soldiers that served with my father. He was in the 23rd from 68-69 His name is We was PFC Larry W. Clites(AKA Goose) His MOS was a truck driver but was assigned to infantry. He went through Basic in Ft.Gordon. Just trying to find people for him to connect with thank you all for your service!

  6. I am looking for Sgt. Mark E. Madden. He was listed as having identified the remains of my brother in law, 1Lt. Chris Morgens, on 8 Nov 70 at Chu Lai Graves Registration.

  7. I served c co 4/21 inf 11 the inf bde. I need to someone who was there in Oct. when Arnie Shuh was killed. I would love to hear from anyone that knows about that. Thanks.

    • I was in C Co from Jan to Dec 1970 If you can give me a date or an area that it happened I might be able to help you out.

  8. I was in vn with co d 1/52 198 bde americal div. got there 4 feb 68 and left 4 feb 69. I was in mortars. I was with d oconnor ken shaver, blackman, dean Terrebonne{from louisuana ;myself from la. too} Elton ronald davis, larry Thompson, Darrell huff. and many more new guys, so they mixed the new with the older soldiers of co a,co b, and co c. trying to locate billy brister,roman rodriguez,

  9. my father was in vietnam in 1967, he suffers from ptsd and exposure to agent orange, he is interested in trying to find men he served with in bo duc or bu duc, special forces camp, artillary, 1st and 84, attached to 9th division…if anyone can help i would be very thankful, he has gone thru a lot as all of the vietnam vets have and as a child of one i saw first hand what that did to him, he can’t open up to us like he maybe could someone else that was there but for all of us in this together the war will never be over

  10. I was sgt. E-5 during 14-march-4 may 1970 on lz professional I’m trying to remember if the lz was attacked during that period of time if anybody remembers please let me know thank and welcome home. echo recon

    • Hi Sal
      I was in echo co. on pro during that time frame. Mid Feb. till July when we went to Lz Maryann and I joined recon. I don’t recall pro being hit at all while I was there . But if you come to reunion in June there will be about 20 guys from that time frame that you can talk to and get some answers

  11. I was with Co C 5/46 198th LIB in Chu Lai from Jan. 1970 until May 1970 at which time I was transported to hospital in Japan. I finished my tour in Okinawa. I tried along with the Red Cross to contact my unit so they could send me my personal belongings, especially pictures of guys in my squad. I was told that my unit came under heavy fire and there were causalities, and wounded. I was never able to find out who they were, nor did I ever receive my belongings. This would have taken place in June or July of 1970. Can only recall two names: Kirk and Sgt. Parker.

    • Larry, we have found numerous guys with C Co. 5th/46. I was there March 68 to March 69 and have numerous guys feom your time period. Can send you a roster that we have put together. We are having a reunion this summer, feel free to attend. Email me and I will give you all the information

  12. Continuing to search for Vietnam veterans who served with Alpha Company, 5th/46th 198th LIB any time from 1968-1971. To date have located 295 from the unit who are alive and 160 have died since they returned to the States. If you served with this unit, please email or call 910-862-9461.

  13. Looking for Carl R. Jacob or relatives, Vietnam War Veteran who served in April 1970 with Delta Company, 196 Light Infantry Brigade of the Americal Division. I am producing a documentary film and interested in finding the original of a photograph he sent to the Tootsie Roll company depicting himself and other soldiers in South Vietnam with Tootsie Pops during their service.

  14. I was with HHC 26th Engineer Bn from June to December of 1969. Worked out of the motor pool looking for anyone that may remember me or was stationed there at that time. I was a SSG at the time and we were with the 9th Marine Engineers across the highway from main Chu Lai, right next to Artillery Hill.

  15. Looking to see if any knows Jesse L. Walker, African American male, who served in the army between 1965 and 1975. Born in Alabama between 1932 and 1934. May have been stationed at Fort Benning GA around 1964 -1965 and in Kentucky around 1967-68.

    • Jesse L. Walker ( Age 78) Birmingham, AL
      (205) 988-0902 (205) 956-6688
      8981 Nw 8th St
      (954) 432-3794

      Related to Myra C. Walker 1904 Wharton Ave, Birmingham, AL 35217 >>>
      (205) 841-1765
      1904 Wharton Ave, Birmingham, AL 35217 >>>
      (205) 841-1765

      try this and Good Luck!

  16. I looking to see if anyone remembers the Americal ( Vietnam) giving out aircraft crewman badge to Infantry personnel for so many flights ??

    • Yes. Did remember hearing about that. Was a medic in 1970 and flew alot but was never awarded one. Thanks for bringing it up

      • Non-aviation-MOS aircrew members, primarily door gunners, did indeed get awarded aircrew wings. There were of course minimum requirements and I don’t remember the exact requirements, but they’d be something similar to today’s requirements as spelled out in AR 600-8-22. The former “Aircraft Crew Member Badge” is now called the “Basic Aviation Badge.” Here are the requirements from the current AR 600-8-22 (they may have been different back then):
        8–28. Basic Aviation Badge (formerly Aircraft Crew Member Badge)
        a. The eligibility criteria for the Aviation Badge is as follows:
        (1) For award of this badge, an individual must be on flying status in accordance with AR 600–106 or be granted
        waiver by HQ, USAHRC (AHRC–PLP–I); be on flying status (physically qualified-class III); have performed crewmember
        or noncrewmember flying duties for not less than 12 months (not necessarily consecutive), or by logging not
        less than 48 flight hours (whichever comes first), or be school trained.
        (2) An officer on flying status as an aerial observer may be awarded the Basic Aviation Badge. U.S. Army
        personnel assigned to a Joint Service Airborne Command Post and serving as members of an operational team on
        flying status manning the Airborne Command Post are eligible for the award of the Basic Aviation Badge. Concurrent
        with such assignment, these personnel are authorized temporary wear of the Basic Aviation Badge until relieved from
        such duty or until such time as he or she fulfills the mandatory requirements for permanent award.
        (3) An individual on flying status in accordance with AR 600–106, paragraph 2–1, 2–3, or 2–4, and serving in a
        valid non-rated aviation flight position as coded in The Army Authorization Documents System who has been
        incapacitated for further flight duty by reason of being wounded as a result of enemy action, or injured as the result of
        an aircraft accident for which he or she was not personally responsible, or has participated in at least 15 combat
        missions under probable exposure to enemy fire while performing crewmember or noncrewmember flying duties is
        permanently authorized to wear the Basic Aviation Badge.
        b. The Basic Aviation Badge may be awarded to Soldiers upon successful completion of formal advanced individual
        training (AIT) in one of the following Career Management Fields or Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) listed
        (1) CMF 15 graduates.
        (2) CMF 67 graduates from 7 April 1983 through 30 September 2003.
        (3) MOS 68 graduates after 31 December 1985.
        (4) MOS 93; 93C and 93P graduates who graduated from a CMF 67 AIT after 31 December 1985 (with a
        documented AIT Diploma); 93B graduates from 7 April 1983 through 1 January 1998; 93D graduates from 7 April
        1983 through 30 September 1996.
        (5) MOS 71P graduates prior to 30 June 1984.
        (6) MOS 35: Soldiers holding MOSs 35L, 35Q, and 35W who graduated from a CMF 67 AIT prior to 30 September
        c. Individuals who meet the criteria for award of the Army Astronaut Device and are not authorized an Aviator,
        Flight Surgeon or Aviation Badge will be awarded the Aviation Badge in addition to the Army Astronaut Device.
        d. The Basic Aviation Badge will be awarded to Soldiers upon successful completion of formal AIT in CMF 93
        MOS’. Soldiers previously holding MOS 93B who graduated from a CMF 93 AIT prior to 1 January 1998 and Soldiers
        previously holding MOS 93D who graduated from a CMF 93 AIT prior to 30 September 1996, to include MOS 71P
        who graduated from AIT prior to 30 June 1984, are authorized the badge based on documented AIT after 7 April 1983.

    • Richard:
      I don’t know anything about aircraft crewman badges, but we
      grunts did get Air Metals for I believe every 25 hours of combat
      assaults or eagle flights

      Don “SGT Snuffy” Smith
      Recon 1/52nd Infantry, 198th LIB, 23rd ID – Aug 1970-71

      • I was awarded Air Medals for time in choppers while being deployed. If that helps. No Air Crew Badges for Infantry

  17. Trying to help my husband, Richard W. Griffin, find buddies and information from where he was stationed in 1967-1968 (a Nike Herc missile site near Carol City, Florida). C Btry, 2nd BN, 52nd Arty ARADCOM

  18. Anyone out there from C Battery 3/82 artillery Amercial Divison 1968-1969 would like to hear from you. Help me with the LZs we were on. Gun section 2 early times Sgt. Brown, Bill Zackery, Darrel Bejerky, seem to by remembered. I have photos, so let me know if we where together. I may have your photo and send you a copy.

    • Felex,

      I’m Mike Twomey, I was battery commander of Charlie Battery from early May through end of Oct 1970, a little after your time. However, I’m trying to gather members of Charlie Battery at any time and figure out the battery’s history the entire time in Vietnam. Couple folks I have located so far were with the battery in late ’69. You and anyone else out there that served with Charlie Battery, 3/82 write me at and let’s see if we can’t answer some of your questions and some of mine.

    • Hello Felix,

      I remember you, Sgt Brown and Darrel Bejerky. I left LZ Siberia in August 1969 after being wounded by a recoilless rifle round. Three other guys in my gun section were wounded by the same round. I was the crew chief on gun section 1.

    • Felix,

      Give me an email response at as I’m trying to get an internet discussions of Charlie Battery members to answer your questions and more. We should be able to, or try to, write a history of the Battery while in Vietnam to the best of our abilities. Come give us a hand from your end and learn what the rest of us know. Mike

  19. I am looking for a name of my dad’s fellow door gunner. They did 2 tours together before his buddy was killed when his chopper was shot down in 1969. My dad only remembers ever calling him Robbie. He was a Native-American and newlywed from Oklahoma before his 1969 tour. He had a dove tattoo on his chest and engraved watch with his and his wife’s name engraved in it. He could’ve belonged to the Firebirds or Rattlers.

  20. I don’t know if anyone can help me but ill ask best friend….and neighbor passed on 7/5/14.he never spoke much about Vietnam although I took a great interest in him….and his service.his name is Ray Hite.I have some info.He was a Sargent. and I got this from his wife.4678 Inp 198 Inf BDE if that helps.any info would be greatly appreciated.And thank all of you for your service.

    • Sorry to hear about your friend passing away. I didn’t know him, but in order to increase your chances of finding someone who served with him, it would help if you could be as accurate as possible with his unit and years of service over there. The 198th Inf BDE was one of three infantry brigades within the Americal division, however, I’m not familiar with the “4678 Inp” part of your post. Is it possible the “Inp” is a typo, and should be “Inf”? There was a 1st Bn, 46th Inf and a 5th Bn, 46th Inf, in the 198th, but I know of no 4678 unit. Maybe someone else can chime in.

      As an example, I served in Echo Co, 1st Bn, 6th Inf, 198th Inf BDE, from January to November 1971. Good luck with your search.


    • Why was my post taken down? I replied to this post two days ago – the reply was here, then it was taken down. Is there a mod here? Admin?

  21. I am looking for Ron Hatley, 1st Plt, C Co. 1st Bn 6th Inf, US Army, Vietnam 1970-71. I was also with the same company/platoon and recognize a lot of the guys in the photos that Ron has supplied. Please relay to him if you know him.

      • Raymond I was a platoon SSG for 1st platoon was taken out by friendly fire 2-18-70
        Will you’ve attending the reunion in DC on April 10-12?
        Also would enjoy any photos you might have

    • Raymond, I was with Co. C 1/6th 198th from November 70. – June 71. Where is the photo that you referred to?

  22. Looking for Bob (Schumen) not sure of the last name spelling 123rd AVN A company 1969/1970 Chu Lia. Injured his back in a helicopter crash. Living in San Francisco CA last I heard

  23. Looking for information/details on death of Sgt. Samuel Helfenstine KIA 1/10/68. A Co. 3/21 196th Lib don’t know his platoon. He was my best friend and we deployed within days of each other, I served in B Co 1/7th Cav. 1st Cav. Div. From what little I could find online his company was ambushed and overran moving to aid other companies. I wasn’t told of his death until a few days before I rotated home, and have always felt guilty I wasn’t with him when he died and the fact I made it back and he didn’t. As he left a wife and young daughter who would never know her father behind. Any details of his death would be appreciated. e-mail is

  24. I am trying to locate the place that I was at for about half my tour 68-69 on a base near Chu Lai called Artillery Hill,or informally Cherry Hill of the 1st Bn 18th Artillery,Americal Division if any maps of that detail exist.As an exercise in nostalgia I would like to re-visit the area.

  25. 1st:

    Thank each of you for your heroic service to our country during very difficult times. My personal prayers go out to each of you and your families.

    I need information on anyone who may know, or served with my brother: Reginald (Ron/Ronnie) Davis from Houston Texas during the Viet Nam war. He was with Americal 23rd Infantry and served as a “paramedic”. Not real sure of duty stations, but he was in Duc Pho & Da Nang . I believe the time would be ’69-72, but not sure. His duty in Viet Nam leaves me without much information, as the toll was very heavy for him.
    I am trying to find the brother I knew “before” Viet Nam! A
    ny help is most appreciated. God Bless each of you!

    Jim Davis (very proud brother of Reginald (Ron/Ronnie) Davis Americal 23rd Infantry, Viet Nam (Duc Pho & Da Nang; ’69-72.

  26. I am looking for a medic who was working in the AID station on LZ Baldy in May of 1969 he was a sp/4 at that time he was a very big black man that everyone called tiny.He came and assisted the wounded guys in the ranger platoon area when we were attacked by sappers on 12 May 1969.He got sent to Leavenworth military prison for hitting a captain some time later in 1969 or 1970.I was a Staff Sergeant with G company Ranger 75th.Inf. at the time and met him a few times at LZ Baldy during the time that I was sent there with team Texas to help secure the ranger platoon area from 12 to 16 May.69.I was a charictor witness for Tiny at his courtmartial but I guess it didn’t do much good.We Rangers thought highly of him but I guess he had problems getting along with his chain of command.My e-mail address is if anyone knows him I would appreciate it if you would let him know that I am trying to find him..

  27. My grandfather was Archibald Dominick Kasulke. He served in the First Americal Division in WW2 in the Guadalcanal. I have requested all his military records from NARA but am desperately seeking anyone who can tell me more about my grandfather. Like many, he could never talk about the war. He was a great man and was essentially the only father figure I ever had. Please, if anybody knows anything about my grandfather, please contact me or post it here.

    • I have a friend who was over there in the 182nd infantry, Americal, Company D. If this is the right unit just contact me and we will talk.

  28. Anyone know the where abouts of A Lt. Hains and a Lt Dave Teeple Co A 3rd Bn 21st Inf 196th LIB May to Dec 1969 or a Frank Panico 11th LIB 1969

    • Frank E. Panico B 4/3 11th LIB Americal, passed away Oct 16 1999 at the age of 51 in Jamaica N.Y. According to my Company Roster dated April 1 1969, his date of entry to R.V.N was Nov 1 1969, 19 days ahead of me. I knew him, but not well. Sorry about the bad news. Regards Jerry

    • Steve, Frank was in my squad for a time in 1969. We also went on R&R at the same time with two others from our company in 1969. I have a couple of pictures with Frank in them if you are interested.

  29. I am looking for anyone who fought with Council D. Vaughan especially Roger Weber.
    My students have been engaged in a project to honor Vietnam veterans the last two years. We hope to honor them

    • I dont know if its the same Roger Weber, I was in AIT with a Roger Weber at Ft Polk July/Aug ’70. Weber was from Indiana if my memory serves me correctly.

    • I served with Sgt Vaughan in 3rd platoon Delta Co 1/46 196 LIB. He was the Platoon Sergeant and I was the Platoon Leader. We were on patrol walking a trail when he hit a booby trapped 60mm mortar round killing Sgt Vaughan and wounding another soldier.

  30. I was with 23rd S&T from late 1969 through Nov 1970. I drove one of the 5 ton trucks that was converted to a gun truck. M60 and 50 cal guns mounted on back. I have a few pictures if interested. Walt Meyers

  31. Hello there, I was a cook at the americal combat center from 3/ 69′ to 10/ 70′. If you came through to get in country training at the center when you first got to Chu Lai, I probably fed you . Please E-mail me. From Maine

  32. I was in county July 1969 to July 1970.LZ West or hill 455.
    i was in HHC 3/82 Radar unit anyone out there remenber this time.

    • I was on West as the Artillery Liaison Officer from roughly Jan – Apr ’70 and then BC of Charlie Battery on Siberia the next six months. Email me at and I’ll put you in touch with a fellow who is putting together a roster of anyone that served in 3/82 FA the entire time it was in Vietnam. Anyone else that served with the battalion while in Vietnam and wants to get on this roster and/or learn how to touch base on the Americal Facebook page email me as well.

    • I left country in aug 69. I was a radar guy. We were on all LZ, in the area. Did you serve with Colman? I realy want to get in touch with him. WE were very close. God Bless, and live long…. Bob

  33. Hello my name is jennifer and I am the daughter of james r jaynes that served in vietam from july1969 to september 1970. He said he was out of chau laui americal 198th light infantry delta company d. He was a radio man and he has talked about 3 others that were always with him on the machine gun,he said they only went by last names, marlow from texas, smity from alabama, and shaw. He also said his lieutenant was lieutenant price and his Sargent was sargent cole. He was wounded the last of September first of october and took to camp og japan. If anyone may have known my father or these men could you please let me know any info would great or pictures as well. Thank you for your time. My god bless all!

  34. I am looking for my dad (Larry Robison) he’s not very good with computers. he served in Vietnam 67-70ish. was with Charlie company 3d battalion 11th inf. if anyone can help I would appreciate it. thank you and welcome home

  35. My dad James Wilbert was in Vietnam from 1969-1971. He was a buck sgt. He was in Chu Lai, Cameron Bay, and Dragon Valley. He stepped on a landmine and survived. He knows that all the guys in his unit came back home alive. I would like to see if anyone on here served with my dad. He has some photos of his time in country but the camera he carried was obliterated as was the current film inside of it. He told me some nick names for the guys he served with so hopefully I can get to know them and thank them for serving plus reconnect my dad with his buddies who had his back when he had theirs.

  36. My Dad, Robert Piggee, served from 1969-71 (Army). I believe his tenure in Vietnam was 1970-71. He’s very interested in finding any of his old friends. He’s not computer literate, so I’ve been digging for him. Unfortunately, all he can give me is that he was in the 506 Transportation (Infantry) unit. Any information at all would be tremendously appreciated! Thanks!

  37. I am looking for my daddy’s brothers that served with him in the Delta Co. 1/20th LIB. These guys get together and have a reunion once every other year. I want to help them find as many brothers as possible. My dad is Billy “Buck” Burruss. I am especially interested in finding Ronnie “Chicken Man” Hunter. There is one other guy in our group who mentioned Chicken Man as well. Any of you who served, email me at and I will get you all of the info and get you reconnected with the brothers!

  38. I was with Co A 3rd Bn 21st Inf 196th LIB. Looking for information and anyone who remembers events on LZ Center and LZ Baldy. I served from May 69 to Dec. 69

      • I was at Baldy for a few days coming from lz west on the way to lz fat city 1969 , i was arty 155mm guns , we got mortar fire one afternoon, we direct fired our gun across the flat patties and got a secondary explosion felt good.

        • John, That happened over the 4th of July 1969. I was one of the FDC shift leaders. I remember you were on one of the guns. Were you there the night we thought there was incoming and it was one of the 105s that blew up in the adjoining 1/14 FA battery? p.s. there is a 3/16 FA Vietnam reunion and on the east coat in 2016.

    • I was at lz center from oct 69 till oct 70 I was in company b 3/21 my nick name was cp brown my good buddies was hotrod and funky

    • Hello, my dad was on lz east (hill 488) on June 11, 1969 when they were attacked. My dad was B battery, 3/82 arty 196th light infantry brigade. My dad arrived in Vietnam in November 1968 and left on June 11th, 69 when he was WIA. He left via medivac that early morning after the attack and brought no belongings back. He would love to chat on the phone with anyone who was on LZ east with him.

  39. Looking for anyone remembers me, basic at Ft Bragg in Jun 1969, AIT, Ft McClellan, AL., Shake and Bake, Ft Jackson, Vietnam, Americal, Hqs 14th AVN, Chu Lai 1970-1971, Ft Riley, KS 71-72. Would like to locate some pictures of any events I was involved in at that time. Home burned in 1992 and lost all, help appreciated.

  40. Looking for anyone that served with me in 1969. I was in Co C 1st Bn 6th Inf 198th LIB. I was wounded (booby trap) coming out of the mountains on July 30, 1969. I was the RTO at the time for Platoon leader Tony Tollentino (not sure if name is spelled correctly). Only other names that I remember are Mike Smith, Logan and Quinterra.

    • I arrived sometime in july of 69. I was with e co. I was trained with the 106rr and the 90rr. I suffered from a seizure sometime in sept. of 69. I don’t remember much. they sent me to Zama hospital in japan then to ft. knox to finish my time. if you have any pictures of lz bayonet I would appreciate it if you would email them to me. at

  41. Looking for anyone that served with Richard Dobratz (Rich, Rick, Donuts) from CT, June-Nov ’68, C Company, 3rd Battalion, 21st Infantry Regiment, 196th Light Infantry Brigade. (Richard was medivac’ed out on 11/5/68 after tripping a land mine, 100% disabled.) Richard is 67, still in CT, I am his partner and would like to help him reconnect with anyone who may have served with him. Thx for this site.

  42. Looking anyone one that was on op sugar mill hill. 11th brigade 23rd infantry between 70-71 op was near Quang ngai can contact me at
    my father is pfc Frederick R Meyer he was there at the time trying to help him find guys he may have known

    • My father was 23rd Infantry..70-71 Jungle Warriors recon Americal Division
      Roy Ronald Smith, might have called him Ronny, from Texas.
      Also searching..


  44. My father was in the 23rd infantry division between 1971-1973. the out post he was on was over run from what he knows. he thinks everyone there was kia, he left on emergency leave 3 day before it happened. he is just know starting to look at his albums from that time and talking about it. We have been trying to find info on the hill he was on its nick name was sugar may hill. it over look a japanese sugar factory. He was Pfc Frederick R. Meyer jr, I know he got a silver star during his time there we have the new paper clipping. but the army is showing no records of it at the va. It would be great to find someone my father has been living with the quilt of not being there for his bothers all these years.

  45. please respond if u live in Charlotte NC and know Mr . Thompson. I ran into his old Army buddy from Vietnam and would like to see if I can help get them reunited even if just through phone contact.. please feel free to contact me .. thank you my name is Jolene.. I am doing this for Ralph A. Allen. would have served with him from Feb. 17,1969-March 1,1971…… anything would be of help.. please help us find out what happened to this soldier and where he is today ..

  46. A young man was stabbed to death in 1971 at a snack shop on base at Fort Ord, California. I am looking for an article about his murder or death, and would appreciate any help from any of you that may remember the horrible incident. I don’t know the date, but it was with in the first four months of 1971. Please email with any information. Thank you very kindly!

  47. HHC 16 (CAG)Combat Chu lia Sept 1970-1971 remember nov 30 when aide station got rocket. welcome home SFC Cobb(La),Walker(LA)Delhousehoyee,(la)WIlliam(tx),Cannon(pa),Hulhann(Ma)Doughery(OK) and lt. Diaz(NY) if any of you guy see this palese email me I just getting to talk about it.

  48. I was with Co B 4th Bn 3rd Inf at LZ Bronco March of 69 to April 69 Went up to Chu Lai Looking for anyone who remembers any sappor , ground attack , rocket or mortor . Welcome home brothers

    • I was in A co. 1/52 198th light infantry Americal Div. from 1969 to 1970. Worked off LZ Stinson after coming out of bush. Have some pictures of LZ STINSON.

      • Bud,
        Saw your comment Re: LZ Stinson, pics.
        I was with Delta, 1/52 Jan 70 – Jun 70 and took my turn on LZ Stinson. Slept under a 155 named Gentle Ben because I didn’t want to sleep with the rats in the bunkers. Any chance of having you forward your pics to Been awhile since I thought of Stinson. If unable to fwd pics, that’s ok, the place is still in my mind. Thanks.

      • hi bud I was on Stinson and bayonet sometime in july of 69. I suffered from a seizure sometime in sept. of 69. they sent me to zama hospital in japan. then to fort knox to finish my time. I don’t remember much. I would appreciate any pictures you could send me.

  49. Looking to contact Kenneth Simms, James Ward, or James Booth of the 196th Light Infantry, Americal Division that served around 1968 under Captain Hamm working out of LZ Ross and fougth at tin fuc

  50. Looking for any information on my grandfather, SSGT Stephen Alan Moore served the 5th battalion 46th infantry 1970-1971 Vietnam. From Nitro, West Virginia. Believe he died in mortar strike, writing paper on him for an english class. Pease contact me with any information!

  51. Does anyone remember the typhoons that hit ChuLai in November 1970? How much damage was done to the 123rd Avn Bn, particularly B Co? Anyone hurt? I left just before they arrived.

    • Typhoon Kate hit in Oct. of 1970 was out on guard that night. Want never forget it. Don,t recall any major damage. However in October 1971 Typhoon Hester hit and did major damage calling for the base to be closed.

    • I remember it well. I worked in and around the metal roofed buildings right next to QL-1. Pieces of metal were flying everywhere. It might have been part of the Typhoons too, or maybe just the massive Monsoons, but I remember seeing the ditches (6′ – 8′ deep) along QL-1 filling to the top overnight.
      Frank – 23rd S&T

    • I was there in 71,and 72, Typhoon Hester happened in 1971. Many people were injured and killed mostly from flying debris, especially the choppers. Said there were 180 MPH winds. I was moved to 101st before the Typhoon hit.

    • I was in chulai till 27 oct 71. We had already had typhoon hester. 1 was killed when sheet of roofing hit him. 765 461 196

    • I was there getting bodies, I was with the 566th Medical Company picking up casualties from that storm. Left the next month Dec 22,1970

  52. Just a quick hello was with the Americal in Nam 1971 attached to 196 INF I remember a hill 151 just checking to see who might remember.

    • Gary,

      I returned to Vietnam in 2012 and visited Hill 151 with one of our group, who had commanded the artillery battery during that period. Email me at, remind me why you are writing and I will see if I can put you in touch with that guy.

  53. looking for anyone who served in viet nam june 69 Etroop Cav 11th BDE duc pho our APC was hit with RPGs june 24,1969 escorting convoy from Naval Base ambused two killed in action only two survived Im a survivour and one other person who saved my Life SAM…. WOULD LIKE TO LOCATE THIS BROTHER AN THANK HIM SO VERY MUCH.. MY SGT WAS KILLED AN OUR DRIVER.. I HAD ONLY BEEN IN MY COMPANY 2 days dont have names please contact me at this number 931 494-4976

    • I spent some evenings in late 69′ drinking beer with a troop from Hawaii that we called “pineapple” He told me some stories about a convoy coming from the navy base to duc pho being ambushed and an apc being hit and the driver being hit. We would meet at the MP hootch and drink beer. My area was right across the dirt road from the MPs. As the story went, the MP captain had a b-40 rocket go through his windshield.

  54. After being drafted, I started with Charlie Company, 4th/31st, 196th LIB, in Jan 1970. Started out on LZ Siberia for 3 days then out into the field for a while as an ag on the 60 pig. But I only lasted til early April 1970. Too scared to go back to the field, decided to “enlist” for 3 years to get out of my 11B MOS. Became a payroll clerk in Chu Lai til Dec 1970. Have a group I keep in touch with while in Charley Co. who all served under the same Captain, but looking for anybody in the payroll area who served during April to Dec. of 1970. Also thinking about visiting Heip Duc and Chu Lai in 2015, anybody been back there?

    • My wife and went back March 2012. Not much to see at Chu Lai only concrete aircraft bunkers remain. Went to Saigon,Danang, China Beach, Hoi An, Phuket Bah, Hue, and Hanoi. Also went to My Lai. War museum was their. Then to Cambodia.
      Would go again.

    • I was with alpha co, 4/31, around that time, aug 70 to July 71.
      I was a ‘shake and bake ‘ Sgt. , squad leader with first platoon. We worked mostly out of LZ Siberia, but occasionally out of LZ West. We went way, way west, off our maps, probably into Laos.
      I visited Hiep Duc in 2010. What a difference, very prosperous, schools, hospitals, probably 50k people there now. The Siberia hill is covered in trees and jungle now.

      • Did the trees grow back after all the Agent Orange was sprayed over the valley floor around Hiep Duc? I was there in 1970 and left country in 1971.

    • Hello, I went back April 2013, I was in Hoi An and my friend went south to Chu Lai and I went north to Marble Mt. I learned before the trip Chu Lai was gone. My friend who was a huey mechanic during the war confirmed there was nothing left of Chu Lai. The village is there outside the base area. we spent 30 days.
      Lost my buddy John Folger 196LIB.
      USMC 68-69

    • Roger and rest on this thread, although I don’t know if you get notified of new notes being written this late in the game.

      I returned to the mostly 196th AO in 2012 with about a dozen others, most of whom I knew before going. We used the folks at who are mostly Marines and great guys and guides. Couldn’t recommend them too highly! They arranged our trip especially to see areas where each of us served. Flew in to Chu Lai from Hanoi and while not much there, it is still a fully functioning civil airport. Used a great hotel in Hoi An as our base camp and took day trips to Ross, Hill 151, Mary Ann, Hiep Duc, Kham Duc and a couple others before moving on to Saigon. Hiep Duc is a thriving town now and while there five or six of us climbed to the top of Siberia, which I commanded for six months in ’70. As stated by one other, it is completely grown over by densely packed trees as if the locals were trying to blot out the ugly scar the place represented to many of them. Had a wonderful trip and would recommend returning to all.

    • I was with E-Troop during the time we went north to Khe Sahn. We left on L.S.D. ships and were on them for three days before unloading and heading inland. I was on a Sheridan # E-17 I drove and my T/C was a Staff Sergeant named Beane. Other crew members were Gunner Bill Coslop (Deceased) and Loader Ray Grisham who I had last contact with a couple of years ago, and lived in Slaughters KY.
      I am in contact with quite a few fellow E-Troopers via face-book. One is titled: 11th Light Infantry Brigade Veterans Association face-book page, the other is: 23rd Infantry Division ‘Americal’ face-book page. Our Sheridan # E-17 was named “Rambunctious” and the words “O.D. GREEN WEINIE” on the main gun tube.

      • dave schlichting do you remember track-e81 and whin we were up in keh-sanh – dmz area i got hit in the head late one afternoon a flachet from a can round medavact out nezt morning at first light to fieldhospital ? do you happen to remember our medics name ? trying to get some verification never got my purple heart thank you for any help then sgt beane 828-726-8813

  55. Trying to locate three people who was with me when we were detained at the Russian check point between east and west Germany in Feb. 1959. There was a movie made of the incident. Robert Redford played me in the movie. James Cook, SP/4 Johnson from new york, I can’t remember the MP who escorted us from Berlin. If anyone has any info about these people please e:mail me. Been a long time. We were station in Mannheim Germany in the 401st Thanks

  56. Looking for anyone who served with me October 68- February 69 injured booby trap. With Co D 1st 52nd. 198th. Phone 7168226100 Just started looking

  57. looking for anyone who served with my father Richard M Morris from Louisiana . 2 Sep66 thru 30 Aug 68 Co A / 2d Bn / 46th Inf/ 1st Armd Div
    fort hood texas FOURTH ARMY

  58. I am trying to find my brothers, we trained together in Chu-Lai x 2wks then sent to DaNang in 1971. We were in 1st Battallion 46th Infantry (Americal Division) Charlie Company. My brothers Gary Cockrell,Weston Tedeau ,Alan Little, Danny Ferguson, John Groff, Melvin Smoots, Danny Bishop, Ronald Schexnayder, Lee Parsons, Rodney Ryan, Raymond Hanisco; our medic Kowalski…if anyone knows them or of them- please contact me. A part of me I left with them and I will not be whole until I find them.


  60. Looking for info on my deceased grandfather SFC Clyde Ball. He was KIA on July 30th 1970 in vietnam. All I really know is he was in the 46 INF AMERICAL DIV. Im looking for any accounts on the man he was, actions surrounding his death and any other info I can get. Thanks! I can be reached at

    • sgt ball was my platoon or squad leader for a short time I was on lz mary-ann when he was killed give me a call at my business 704-782-7716 I liked him the short time I worked with him and I can give you information about his death and it is also addressed in the book sappers in the wire but I do not think it says his name sincerely jimmy morrison

  61. I was in the 1/52 Headquarters S1, 68-69. Would like to get in touch with anyone that remembers me. Ssgt Rick 1/52, 198 th Lt Inf Bde

  62. I am looking for people that served in Vietnam with my uncle. His name is Roy Ronald Smith. He went by Ronny. He was in the 23rd Infantry Division. He was a Jungle Warriors Recon America Division.
    I am looking for anyone that served with him.

      • Jungle Warriors are the 4/3 infantry 11 inf.
        Was your Uncle from New Orleans? I was in Recon dec 69 -jun-70 the time frame you give sounds like he was drafted and those are the dates he was in the Army. It would have put him in RVN Feb- 70? Recon was reconfigured to SRRP in Dec 69. I was tiger 2 and tiger 4

        • Smitty as he was known to me lived with us at Ft Sheridan after VN and then moved with me to Quincy Il. If Your Ronny Smith was from Worchester Mass let me know…

  63. Hello
    I was on Team Oklahoma. G Co 75th Inf (Americal Division) in Chu Lai RVN late 1969 to early 1970. Does anyone besides me remember the POW rescue mission about Oct-Nov 1969. We -Team Oklahoma-actually saw what appeared to be 3 American POWS dressed in Black Pajamas. A fairly fast stream -approx 100 meters across-or small river separated us.

    • Ranger Wagner, Ranger Starnes “Gunner” Try Lrrp Ranger Association or Sua That’s where we all are. Good hunting Gunner Out!

    • We heard that report while on LZ Stinson. I recall hearing that a rescue mission came up empty.

    • If the mission that we rappeled into a P.O.W. camp is the mission that you are talking about I was on it.Lt..Epting.SSG Roy Brown were also on that mission.I don’t recall the date.I do recall that a LOH with loud speakers zoomed in as we were going in on short final to broadcast in Vietnamese with loud speakers and we had to abort and circle around and come back in.The Vietnamese led the POWs out while we were making a new approach.Who ever dreamed up the idea of having a LOH make a propaganda speech before we inserted blew the mission.

  64. 11th Inf.Brigade hhc, Primo aviation was @ Duc Pho, S. Vietnam 67-68. I would like to hear from anyone who might have served with me, flew oh23 helicopter as door gunner.

      • Mike, were u shot on leg while flying in chopper? I remember Silhanek and Maj. Smith. Do u remember Ron Ridenhour, Juan Gaskins, Woody, Lt. Lackey?

        • Richard,no iwasn,t shot in leg. that was another door gunner but don’t remember his memory for names has gone south in my older could I forget ron ridenhour. he was my left door gunner.he got the bll roling with the me ly incident after he transferred to lrrps

          • ron passed away anomber of years ago.asyou can see, I am not too swift with computers

          • Mike, I’m sorry for not remembering you, but my memory fails me too. I flew with Ron too and sad to hear about his passing. Do you have phone #s or addresses of some the guys who flew with us? I have some pictures, will try to find them, maybe you are in one. Would like to hear back from you.

          • Richard,i just sent you an email.let me know if you got it.

  65. Hello,
    I am trying to locate information regarding my father, Walter F. Donovan. He was a combat engineer from MA, he told me he built roads/bridges, and was deployed to Australia then to New Caledonia, he went to Bougainville, Guadalcanal, and several other islands.

    • I will look through my grandfathers stuff that I inherited. He was pretty god at writing names and comments on the backs of pictures. His name was Loyd Warner from South Dakota sounds like they did the same things in some of the same places

    • I will look through my grandfathers stuff that I inherited. He was pretty god at writing names and comments on the backs of pictures. His name was Loyd Warner from South Dakota sounds like they did the same things in some of the same places. I also have some old news paper clippings

  66. Looking for members of 2ND platoon 5/46th inf. 198th LIB 69-70 CO. was CAPT SCHOPP .where is Jimmy Stovall

      • Tim I tried to make the connection at your email address could not hook up try my email address would like to talk to you.LRRP Britsch

      • Surprised when. I came across your last name. I too served in the Americal 5/68 to 5/69. We share the same last name. If interested contact me . George Missett

        • I was one of Capt. Schopp and Sgt. Jose Pacheco-Toro’s RTO from January 1969 until January 1970. I still occasionally talk to Pete Davenport from Williamsport, PA. I carried the company radio when we were sent into the mountains in about September of 69 to evaluate B-52 strikes. Happy Veterans Day to all members of Co.B.

  67. Looking for friends who served in the 1/52nd Infantry, 198th Brigade, 23rd Infantry located in Chu Lai. I served with Chaplain Nicholas and Chaplain Masteller

    • Not sure if my 1st message went thru…..
      Are you looking for someone who knew Chaplain Phillip Nichols at LZ Stinson ??? If so I’m married to his oldest son, we have a list of guys who were there. I’d be more than happy to send you a copy. Hope this is helpful, Shell Nichols

      • Hi Michelle,
        My name is Kathy Haynes and if you have a list of the men who served with your father-in-law, would you mind sending it to me at I believe my brother Scott GIguiere served may have served with him. Thank you, Kathy Haynes


    • I wonder if you knew my brother Scott D. Giguiere of West Sacramento, CA. He served during this time, maybe in the same unit. If you do, could you please contact me. Thank you. Kathy Haynes

    • This may not be relevant to your post as I’m unfamiliar with the named chaplains. But, I was an RTO with A Co. 1/52, 198 Div. (after July, 1970), and my platoon was deployed to secure a hilltop DP after a satchel charge detonated during church services being conducted for a platoon in the field. The entire platoon with the chaplain were KIA. I don’t have anything more specific to share except it was a difficult time. The hill became our NDP after the dust-offs and NVA (suspected) outside the perimeter announced the KIA names, taunted us and played music through loud speaker during the night. Everyone was troubled about how they learned their names and angry at the same time. Sad to think about their deaths, lost futures; and the suffering families. This was shared to remember and honor them. RIP
      SP4 Val Naisbitt (11B20)

  68. I don’t know exactly how to enter information here.
    I tried a search and find on the page to see if anyone has listed my fathers last name and did not locate anything.

    I am the daughter of a Vet and would like information on his service; where he was stationed (I have his papers but its not specific and the short hand is hard for me to read and understand) and what he might have been doing, old stories about his personality back then etc… and I would like to find some of his old buddies.

    Douglas Lair
    Co. A Rein 3dEngrBn 1st MarBde FMF was the last note
    Last Rank Sargent E5 1974 looks like Active Duty was 1971
    I was told they were in Hawii at one point
    Originally from California

  69. I was with B-Battery 1/82 Artillery Division 155 MM in1969-1970 on LZ Snoopy and LZ Stinson and LZ Debbie. Looking for any of my former cannon cockers, Tufte from Texas, Gary Fought from Lima Ohio, M. Neitzel from Cleveland Ohio, Larry Westbrook, Sp4 Davis, Pfc Paul and Metcalf from Georga. any info would be helphul, just wanting to see how many are still with us.

    • I was assigned at Bn and directed fire for B Battery (snoopy), FireDirection Control,1/82nd Jan 69-Jan70

      • I was on Lz Buff May 10/11 1969 the night that sappers attacked the LZ. I later visited LZ Snoopy with former sappers and while there met the battery commander and first sergeant.
        They told me that their battery fired support for LZ Buff at the same time that the battery was being overrun by sappers.
        I have waited years to tell you: “good shooting”! Your response turned the assault. The next am there were body parts all in the wire and on the ground in the area.
        I have a picture of “the banging bitch”.

    • Hi, Was looking through trying to find some of the guys I served with and found you. Give me a holler at this email address. Alive and well in Lima Ohio.

    • Hi, Was looking through trying to find some of the guys I served with and found you. Give me a holler at this email address. Alive and well in Lima Ohio.

  70. trying to assist a tanker with his ptsd claim. Stationed with Americal 71 – 72.
    Says they were on Recon outside wire of camp faulker and he witnessed Black NCO and his dog get blown up by landmine. Believes his name was Bell. Does anyone have any recollection of the event or can provide direction to establish certainity.
    Thanks ever so much
    Bruce A. McCartney
    RVN 7/68 – 7-72
    DUSTOFF Medic
    Combat medic

    • Hello,
      I was a Dog Handler with the 48th IPSD, 196th Light Infantry Brigade, 23d Infantry Division (AMERICAL) I went to our website to check on this handler your friend saw and I can only give you the info that was posted on a “Bell” Not sure of his ethnicity but I hope this info might be of help. I saw your post on the Americal Locator. I belonged to the VDHA but I am inactive at this time. If you can tell me your friends unit and location at the time, I may be able to narrow it down. The “Bell” that I found was KIA in 69 and was a Marine.
      Best of luck.

  71. I am looking for James Porter. He was my immediate commander in the 1/6 198th LIB in 1969. We were part of a five-man PSYOP team and attached to HHC 1/6 198th LIB. I am also looking for Robert Solby. He was also a member of our PSYOP team. We operated out of, both, LZ Bayonet and Fat City.

    • Mr. Vassallo, I am checking if you knew Bill “Spanky” Stocks. He worked for me on the helipad for 1/6 Inf. I have received many of Bill’s letters and pictures from his mother. If I recall you and Bill and several others shared one of the big tents. If you remember any of this drop me an Thanks for your time and Best wishes.

  72. I was A Battery 3/16th FA on Hill 151 and Hill 510 from about June 1971 to late September 71. Unit deactivated the two fire bases and sent members to the rear. Some of us were reassigned to new units and some sent home. Anyone remember these events?

    • I was on Hill 151 with the 3/16. Departed about Aug 1 1971, not long after a Mech Cav Unit inadvertently fired in our direction. I was with the 3/16 when we covoyed from south of Quang Ngai City, LZ Dotty I think to LZ Rawhide then airlifted to Hill 151.

  73. Went to NAM in 66 with 2nd Bat 11 Arty and also served with the 3 of the 16 Arty at CHU LIA any one whom remembers me, also looking for Captain James W. Milton, of 2nd. /11 A battery.

  74. Continuing to search for Vietnam veterans who served with Alpha Company, 5th/46th 198th LIB any time from 1968-1971. To date have located 259 from the unit who are alive and have verified that 92 have died since they returned to the States. If you served with this unit, please email or call 910-862-9461. Would like to hear from Sam Lane or Gary Callahan who left replies from a prior post I left. Please call or email.

    • I supported Alpha as field interrogator in summer of 1969 at the Athletic Field. I remember that the CO’s name was Captain Church. We blocked while Delta swept through a hamlet. I don’t remember the rot’s name but i met him at bayonet a couple months later.

    • I would love to reconnect with my unit. I rem names like sgt berkhouse?, ernest outten, ironboy, dave quitien?, cpt simms etc, anyone that can help would be great, thanks. also thinking this was lz gator. my mail says address is not correct format.

  75. I am looking for info on the bands of the Americal Division, particularly The Americal Division Band. There were 9 bands in the Task Force that was sent to the South Pacific just after Pearl Harbor, and Chester E. Whiting became director to The Americal Division Band which was formed form members of those 9 bands. Various bands were all over the areas where the Division was active, and I am interested in all of them, especially the 180 Field Artillery Band and the 192 Infantry Band. Chester Whiting later returned to the US to form the 1st Combat Infantry Band, The Army Ground Forces Band, and The United States Army Field Band, which I played in in the 1970s. I am working on a history of all of these bands that form the background history of the USAFB. Can anyone help me with the activities of any of the band of the Americal Division?

    Dick Taylor, former, US Army, former US Navy, now retired band historian

    • mr. taylor i have 11th bde newsletter from americal 1969 shows americal band, also i was a capitol policeman 1971-2004 there w3as a guy in the americal band there. did you know paul vanderford ? i don’t know if thats the right name or spelling. i was at fort meade in 70-71 after nam. i would be glad to send you copies of newsletter if you are interested. email steven miles19@GMAIL.COM

  76. I’m working on a project on the National Mall and its Monuments and Memorials.

    I’m looking for anyone who may have served with Sp4 Bruce Edward Peteroy of Staten Island, NY. E Company, 4th Battalion / 3rd Infantry, 11th LIB. He served from 8/29/1968 to 5/12/1969. He died of fragmentation wounds in Quang Ngai Province.

    A photo album of his life was left at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall last year. I’ve reached out to the VVA chapter on Staten Island and have started to track down family but want to reach comrades as well.

    Please reply to this post or reach me at:

    • Any update on our search:

      Bruce Peteroy was injured in early October, 1968, and med evac’d eventually to Okinawa to recover. In January, he was made part of the 257th replacement company there in Okinawa. By middle February he returned to his same company.

      Let me know if there is anyone out there who knew him while he was stationed in Japan.

  77. Looking for anyone that served in 2nd Platoon, B Troop 1/1 Cav, Americal during the period August 10, 1970 – March 15, 1971. I was the platoon leader for the second platoon.

    • I was platoon leader for 2nd platoon from late Mar 1971 to Aug 1971. I must have been your replacement. Capt Poveda was the CO. I joined platoon on QL9 during Lam Son 719 campaign.

      • Well now, Captain Poveda was my CO also. I don’t remember which platoon I was in but I was with the 1/1 Cav in Chu Lai while waiting to get my dog (I was a Scout Dog Handler with the 48th IPSD 196th LIB) at Bien Hoa so the good folks at the 23rd Repo Depot assigned me to B Troop. There was a E6 or E7 in my platoon named Griffin. There was also a Sheridan Tanker named Royer (KIA) who’s mail I used to get from home an he would get mine because the mail clerks confused us constantly. Ended up at Khe San for 2 months and when we came back after a stand down at Camp Eagle, everyone seemed to have moved to DaNang. It was there I finally got my orders to the 48th IPSD.

        • Capt Poveda was relieved of command…replaced by Capt Borysko for a few weeks, then Capt Tindall took over for move to Phu Bai and temporary Op/Con with 101st Airborne. We were there for a month then we were moved to DaNang.

          • Jim would you ck. out our face book page @ B troop 1/1 cav Walt Tindell set it up. we have a disk of 2000 pic. from 1969/1971 of b troop

    • I was with the 1/1 cav troop b (tracks had a blue sqare painted on the side)
      as a medic between may 70 to April 71.another medic with me happened to be John Bass who was in a track who a land mine and was a doa.

    • Jim,
      I arrived Chulai Sept 70 and was assigned to A Company 523rd signal. Was asked if I wanted to become a staff photographer (it was a hobby of mine) but I declined. Stayed with A company until November 70. Contact me if you wish to chat. George Barr

  78. Am looking for any fellow wrench turners stationed with the 610th (AM,GS) Red Beach Viet Nam July 1968 to March 1970. Think about all the good and the bad times while there.

  79. I am looking for any of my brothers who served with me at Camp Faulkner ,Danang and up in Khesahn with C Troop 1/1 Cav 23rd Inf.from late 70 to late 71. Anyone remember when a 3/4 ton loaded with claymores blew at Camp Faulkner leveling much of the hootch area ? Any help would be grateful.

    • I was OPCON to the 198th out of 1/20, 11Bde AMERICAL when attached to C Troop 1/1 Cav on 25 September. Do you remember a LT Knight who lost a foot? His RTO lost his arm. Names? Sorry i can’t help you on your quest: I was only on LZ Siberia. THANKS for any help …

      • I was a TC in 2nd Platoon of C Troop 1/1 Cav, Sgt. Leary and I remember the morning Lt. Knight was wounded along with a number of other guys. They had just dismounted their APC’s and were standing in a group about to start their foot patrol when Knight tripped a booby trap. Our CO at the time was a Capt. Robert Haines and his TC was a Sgt. Hendrix. I don’t recall the 3/4 ton claymore incident as we were usually out on patrol and not at Camp Faulkner.

    • Other Personnel in Incident: On 30 June 1971 four men from F Troop, 17th Cavalry, were killed when an ammo truck they were riding in exploded:
      SP4 Phillip W. Bridges, Tipton, CA
      SP4 John R. Houston, Independence, MO
      SP4 Patrick B. Morris, Spanaway, WA
      SP4 Steven C. O’Neal, Fort Wayne, IN

      On June 30, 1971, SP4 Philip W. Bridges of F Troop, 17th Cavalry, 23rd Division, was killed when the truck filled with explosives in which he was riding blew up.

      SP4 Bridges was to assist in unloading the truck with two other soldiers in the motor pool at Camp Faulkner, Da Nang, South Vietnam. After the explosion, members of his unit were able to recover the remains of the other two men in the truck, mostly intact.

      Only scattered unidentifiable tissue and parts of a uniform were found that could be related to SP4 Bridges.

      As no identifiable remains were found, U.S. forces immediately began a search for Bridges, in case he had left the area unseen.

      No trace of him was found, and it was logically presumed that Bridges had died in the explosion.

      No remains could be located because of the violence of the incident.

      He is listed among the missing with honor, because his body was never found to be returned to the country he served.

    • I was Lt with Bravo Trp, 1st platoon. Was at Faulkner that day as pay officer when incident happened. Standard procedure when Cav units came in from field was to remove all explodables from tracks. They think the truck driver stepped into bed of truck and maybe caused pin t o come out of a grenade? The explosion was so huge, the clock on the wall of my orderly room flew across room and the safe on wheels rolled at least 10 feet. My heart goes out to the young man who lost his life. It was lunchtime and most of guys were at mess hall….otherwise many more would been lost. A very tragic event!!

  80. Served with the Americal Division with HQ & A Co, 723rd Maintenance Battalion from May 1970 and deros on April 1971. I had a chance to
    extend 30 days in Nam to get a 6 month drop. I declined and spent my last 7 months at Fort Ord, CA with CDEC. My hometown was only 20 minutes from there. I mostly was in charge of the Perimeter Tower Guard facing Hiway 1 by the Main Gate. Looking for Specialist Mitchell, Meadows, Jim DePasquale. Contact me at 1-831-424-4002, would like to hear from anyone that served during this time. Thank you

    • My Brother,James S.Outterbridge Jr. is from Phila,Pa.He was with HHC 23rd S&T 1969 to 1970. He left Nam in August 1970. Please contact me.Lester J.Outterbridge 215-473-2571.If you know my brother.Thank you and Welcome Home.

      • Mr.Noe Boilard,can you tell me your C.O’s name or first Sgt.Please also give me some of the places you’ll were at. Again thank you.

  81. I am looking for any information (especially pictures) about the two “guntrucks” that I built while I was in Chu Lai B Company 23rd S&T Bn. 70-71. The trucks had painted on names that the drivers put on. I remember that one was called “GUNFIGHTER” and the other one might have been “MAVERICK” but, I’m not sure. They had double 1/2″ steel walls with sand bags in between. I put plenty of 50 and 60 mounts on them. I was a mechanic in the big tin building next to QL-1. Spec 4 Palmer. I was really proud of those trucks and I hope they helped save some lives.

    • I remember the gun trucks you are talking about no pic do remember sp5 loddermilk and sp4 carol the first driver on the gun truck

    • I was in B company from Oct 69 to Nov 70, I drove one of the gun trucks when they were first built. Very handy for convoy protection.

    • Hey Frank, I was there same dates drove jeep to lead the convoys no pictures of the gun trucks but were impressive
      the open up the 50s one night at lz rice I believe take care

  82. Glenn was with the 6th Support Battalion, C Company, 11th LIB during the years 68-69, location Duc Pho. He is seeking any comrades who may have served with him. Please help!

  83. Looking for information on people I served with. I was in country August ’68 until September ’69. Served with B 3/21 196th LIB 3rd Plt Americal Division.
    Looking for:
    Boone, Jesse
    Branum, Cliff
    Mena, Joseph
    Moore, James ‘Rocky’
    Shaha, James
    Sorenson, Kenneth
    Brandt, Roger

    • paul I was with the 196th bravo co.from Nov,1968 to about may of1969 james shaha was my plt sgt. I talked to him severl years ago. he was in Arlington texas then I don’t know if he is still there or not. I saw the pictures that you posted I was in a couple of them. I communicate with bob seaman in ca good to hear from you Jim

    • Hello Paul, Wish I could help. I remember Bob Seaman we were talking then we got ambushed, he was hit in the hand. I was there Oct. 68 to Dec. 69. Welcome brother. B 3/21 196th LIB 3rd Plt Americal Division

    • served bco 3/21 196th li americal div in country january 68, march 69 mortor platoon…..
      . so much fun…welcome home. Emotions high, today the MOPH ( military order purple heart ) of which I’m a member and finance officer chapter 21 dedicated a monument to all veterans

  84. Looking for any one from the 196th that worked with my brother.ret CSM Doug Cunkelman. thank you and god bless. jerry polson

  85. looking for anyone who served with my dad in the pi at the end of wwII.He was shot in the head possibly on the island of sabu. His nam was Arthur ray Taylor from north Carolina.

  86. Just looking for anyone that served in the 11th light infantry brigade with my uncle from 1967 to 68 and was involved with the Tet offensive. My uncle’s name is Roger Osman, and served on the machine gun team, and later as an ammo bearer, and was also part of what he calls Task force Barker. Came out of Schofield barracks and the unit was later shipped out to the Quang Nghai province (i think)….any help would be nice thanks ^_^ i don’t have the last names of his friends on the Machine gun team,,, only their first names which were Steve and Frank.

    • I was (Sr. Aid Man) For 3/1 11th LIB Americal Div. Contact Tim Cook (7015706143) I think he has some roster that may help. I was with 11 th. from 1966 to1968 and I got shot. I was attach with Task force Barker and B Co. 4/3 11th. LIB, also 1/20 11th. LIB. One Company from each Bn. attach to make Bn. we were in the field 90 % of time or more Col. Barker was in charge. 1/20 C Company was involed .

      • Do you think he would have anything on Delta Co 1/20th LIB? My dad is Billy “Buck” Burruss and we are looking for Ronnie Hunter. He was known as “Chicken Man.” The guys get together every other year and we have many members. We just want to find Ronnie!

      • Ronnie, can you email me? If you were with the D 1/20th LIB, you know some of our guys! We are trying to contact as many as possible to get together for the reunions and on our website and mailing list. My email is

    • Bill Riggs was The Company Commander Of Alpha Company attached to Task Force Barker. He faithfully attends our 3rd Bn./1st Inf reunion. You are welcome to come and may contact me for further info. 850 672 2257

  87. I am looking for any one that remembers a fuel tanker rolling over and killing the driver in 1971 right off QL1 north of Chu Lai. It was a Co. B 23rd S&T unit. I was in the jeep blocking the road and from what I remember , he lost his brakes and rather than hit us in the jeep, he tried to make the turn, and the tractor and trailer both overturned and killed him. For the life of me, I can’t remember his name, we were not that close, but I think he was from West Virginia. I think of him often and can see the accident clear as day. I need to know his name so maybe I can close this part of my life.

    Jim Co B 23rd S&T

    • Hi Jim,
      I was in B Co. 23rd S&T at that time and place. I was one of the mechanics who worked on those trucks and tankers every day. I knew the guy who got killed but, something has blocked his name from my memory also.
      The truck was returned to our Motorpool afterwards. My boss, Mr. Pugh checked out the brakes and found that they were still in working order. After some discussion, we determined that the weight of the 5000 gallon tanker must have “pushed” the truck and made it uncontrollable. I was the mechanic who serviced the brakes on that truck (D5 8869) before it went out. As you might expect, that event has bothered me all these years too.

    • ln response to your question about kia friend. lf you have the date of death you can look him up on GIs killed on that particular date. Looking at the names might click something in your memories and you can figure out his name. Remember that in Nam we were a day ahead of the “World”,so look at actual day and day prior.. l was with C Co 1/6 198th LIB 1st plt and 3rd. May 69-May70.l hope this helps you. lt helped me when l was looking for names l could not remember because a lot of my buds [kia's] went by nicknames.

  88. I served in Vietnam Mar 71 to Nov 71. Was a FO for 1/20 Inf; all companies except I think C company. After leaving the “bush” was a FDC Officer for A Btry 3/82 Arty. Two of my Arty Recon Sgts names were Dennis Mastercola (Abe) and Larry Mitchell (Sqeakie); everyone had nicknames. My of course was “FO” and “oldman” because I was 25 yrs old when an FO for 1/20. When an FDO I helped close do a few Firebases one being “Fat City”. When I left Vietnam A Btry 3/82 was on “Monkey Mountain” by the Da Nang airbase. We were the only artillery defense for the city of Da Nang when I left Vietnam. Would like to hear from anyone that remembers the “red-haired” FO for 1/20 Inf or FDO for 3/82 Arty– Mar 71 – Nov 71.

    • I was the battalion FDO for 3/82FA on Hawk Hill. I left in March 1971 and was replace by 1Lt Christy.

    • Alan and Mitchell,

      I’m in touch with a former officer with the 3/82 who is constructing an email type roster of folks who served at any point with the battalion. Contact me at and I will put you in touch with him, which may assist in finding others.

  89. I was on lz dottie & lz liz jan 69 to mar 70.d btry 1/82 8 inch right in front of the gate on dottie.the picture titled “8 inch gun firing on dottie ” is us..the handsome guy standing at the loader/rammer is me….i’m still hoping to find mike from Colorado…he’s the guy in the picture bent over pulling the lanyard…my thanks to the guy that posted the helped my family to understand. I live in cavetown md

  90. Looking for anyone in B Co. 8th Support 196Light Infantry Brigade (Aviation Section) Chu Lia 1967, 68, 69
    Especially WO Jim Cox

  91. Was with Alpha, 1/20th, 11th LIB May’68-May’69. Americal reunion in Houston, TX Sep 11, 2014. See yall there.

    • Hi david, i’m steven “doc’miles b co medic april69-nov.69 2nd platoon i have photos of kramer i believe he’s from pittsburgh pa. in touch with guys from b co. do you remember me?

      • Doc, I was with B 4/31 2nd Plt. Nov.68 thru Sep68. I believe you gave me penicilin pills daily for my jungle rot. I was 2nd platoon sgt. and Rodney Dutton (Granny; E6) was the platoon leader since our LT hadn’t been replaced for a while. Send me your email address I’ll send picture.

      • I was with B 1/20 11lib Americal from may 1968 till hurt in Oct. 68 was wanting to find anyone with B Co at that time?

        • I was the company clerk from Dec 67 to Nov 68. Bob Behnke I use compurter at librarty and go there at least once a week. Bob

    • I was the maintenance`officer of the 1/82 until Sept. 1969. Can’t remember to many of the guys any more. Before moving to Chu Lia i was the maintenance officer for 4th Bn 3rd inf at Duc Pho. If I remember correctly I made maintenance runs to all of our LZ’s. Lost a couple of mechanics in the fall of 68. I have been trying to locate their family but I can’t even remember their names. All I can remember is one was from Wa. and the ether one was from Mi. They was going to Chu Lai when they ran over a mine.

    • Hey James ; I remember the mortar round landing 5 feet from you that afternoon on LZ Snoopy . Can’t remember if you were on Snoopy with me the night of May11-12 , 1969 , when the NVA sappers got thru the wirer & killed all those Enginer’s I have heard from Sgt. Knipp once [ he suffered a full left side stroke while being treated for Graves disease at age 39 . Gerald Guest [ still in Oklahoma .. suffering with heart problems ] . Danny Carmen [ Illinois ] Died at 59 … heart attack ; full of blockages [ Ischemic heart disease ] . I am still in Minn . Going to the VA monthly . Also ischemic heart disease [ 3 heart attacks ] . VA says related to Agent orange . Many stents.. started at 59yrs. Hope this finds you well ……… Sooo surprised to see your name !!! …… Dave

      • MR Heitkamp, I noticed on your post the name Danny Carmen from Illinois. I knew a Danny Carmen from Vandalia IL, he was a police officer heck of a good guy. THANK YOU for your service and WELCOME HOME..

      • Dave
        I was on LZ buff may 10/11 or 11/12. You fired the mission supporting us as sappers were coming through our wire. You guys placed the ordinance so close to the wire that vc body parts were 100 yds inside the wire. Your unit saved a lot of lives.
        I visited LZ Snoopy in October or November. I brought kit carson scouts (chu hoi -former vc) sappers to Snoopy to find weaknesses in your perimeter. We were flooded in and stayed a couple days. I met the co and the first sgt. Seems that they were from Midland and Tyler Texas. They told me the story of Uncle Ho’s birthday party on the lz. I stayed in the hootch with HHC and discovered Southern Comfort that
        night. I have a picture of your co at the unit sign and a picture of the “banging bitch”

    • I was assigned to HHB 1st bn, 82nd Arty form spring of 69 to sept 69. I was the Bn. Maimt. officer during this time. I work for Capt. Raymond Maly S-4 officer. I have a few pictures from that assignment. Can’t remember to many of people who work with me or for me. I do remember us helping to build a swimming pool for bn personnel Would like to hear from anyone who was assigned to our Bn maintenance. Also would like to hear from Capt, Maly, even if he did drop a hammer on my head when we was building our new sleeping quarters. Before being assigned to 1/ 2 was assigned to HHC, 4/3rd inf in Duc Pho. My E:Mail address is

  92. contact me anytime r call me 631-729-6573 24/7 looking for my friend Vincent hunter out PA , PHI he was with me in Duc pho 68/69 D co 1/20 11th BDG

    • Ralph! You had to have served with my father! His name is Billy “Buck” Burruss. There is a website for Delta C. 1/20th LIB! We get together every 2 years. Please email or call me anytime! 918-440-9369 We are looking for a Ronnie Hunter. He was called “Chicken Man.”

      • I was in A company 123 Avn. I think you where in the same air strip just to the other side of us. I do remember the Warlords.

        Give me a call 414-651-1259
        Im in Milwaukee Wisconsin

          • Yeah, A Co. & E Co. parked there ships on the north side of Active and B Co. and DivArty parked on the south side of the Ky Ha North Pad. I don’t remember a tiger being killed while I was there. But that doesn’t mean much, there were lot’s of things that went on, that I don’t remember.

          • I have a picture of a tiger we killed in a mechanical ambush about that time. I remember it was starting to get a little ripe when we brought the head on the chopper to DucPho. Maybe the same one? B/4/3

          • MR Wotnoske, I am a friend of SGT Steve Morrison from Beecher City IL who was with the 9TH INF Sniper division who shot and killed a Tiger around a Rubber Plantation during the time frame you are talking about would this be the Guy? the Tiger apparently attacked a total of 30 Vietnamese….

  93. I was in the Americal from June 1970 to May 1971. I am looking for anybody who was in Co. B, 26th Engineers during that time. I was the Supply SGT for most of that year. We moved from LZ Bayonet the first few days I was in country to a SeaBee base on the bay in Chu Lai with sidewalks and select air conditioners. B Company Supply had half a tin warehouse with armory and supply cage. Ed Celaya was my armorer and Steve Leedahl was my driver.
    CPT Cannello was the CO and Herbert W. Shedd was 1st SGT. Dale Kulbago ran commo and Bill Nyberg was the company clerk.

    • Americal has a face book page and there are a couple of guys on there from B company 26th in that time frame.
      C co 26th Eng bn 68/69

  94. I am trying to locate current contact info (email/phone/address) for EUGENE E. CAREY who was a SSG with D Co. 5/46 198 LIB Americal Div, stationed at LZ Gator in 1969 and early 1970. I believe he was from either North or South Carolina and would be in his late 60′s or early 70′s at this point in time.

    Thanks for any help or leads.

    Robert K. Wight (1LT, Infantry, 1st Platoon D Co.)

  95. I was the Mess Sgt in the HHB 3rd BN 16th Arty. Americal Div in Vietnam 3 Oct 1969 to Jul 70. If there is anyone that was there during that time could you please email me. I am looking for some picture date from that time, mine got lost in a move.
    Thank you

    • In March of 1970 to April 03, 1970, I was SP 5 minority assigned to SCVB BRTY 3/16 ARTY APO 96374 as the morning report clerk. While assigned to the unit I recalled a person who was a civilian baker from New York and was also a baker at the location and every morning we were allowed to take a break to enjoy coffee and some deserts prepared by this individual. I also recalled the first Sergeant instructed me and Sp 4 Dover from South Carolina to construct a mail room in the area where I worked on the morning report. I recalled learning to adjusting to the noise from the 155 Artillery firing. I would help the artillery personnel stack the artillery ammunition for exercise. I recalled going to work in the morning and using a paint brush to clean my work area. My assignment to the unit was short because my MOS stated I should be working at a battalion level so I was able to get reassigned to 23rd Admin Co

      • I left Hawaii on December 5,67 got to Vietnam about two weeks later, started out my tour with HQ. Battery 6/11 artillery, was infused to 3/16 A Battery. l was on hill 54, and a few other pplaces, that I can’t remember the names of, I see them in my mind, but can’t remember the names.l remember some of the, Black,I think he was from Boston

        • Hi! Im doing a little searching for my dad. He was in 68-69, he was in the 3/16 americal. I remember him talking about LZ west. He also has mentioned he was with a guy from Boston. I didn’t ask his name though. I’m just wondering if you may have been with him? His name is Bill or Billy Reed. I’d love to hear from you if so! my email is

      • I served with C Battery 3/16th Artillery April 15,1971 to Feb 21, 1972. I was on the guns with Sgt. Dean Lazzaro ( not sure of last names spelling) from Chicago ? Then SSgt. Edwards took over as the gun chief. I was from Boston , MA area. I still see Sgt. Howard ” Herbie” Hernandez ,from Los Angles, CA, every year. I still keep in touch with Sgt. Bob Pelly, who was rushed to the Navy Hosp. in Da Nang from Firebase Rawhide ( Hill 65) for his appendix. I would like to hear from anyone from the battery. Bob Swasey

        • I was in the 3rd/16th from about 10/70 to 8/71 in FDC. Was there when we convoyed to Rawhide the were lifted to Hill 151. My memory is we convoyed from Mo Duc, south of Quang Nghia City to Rawhide.

  96. co b 1/6 198 lt inf brigade feb 68 to feb 69 looking for guys that remember me started on m60 then rto then machine gun sgt,some of the names i remember:bunch,linda,hanselman,batiest,coop,ross,buckey.

    • I was there in 1969 – 1970, Had a LT Charlie Brown. I was a Tunnel Rat and rifleman. names I remember are Scottie MG , Jimmy Livingston (Jones) Smity, Holiywood and a plt SGT Shelton.

      We ran into and old mine field and loss a bunch of guys.

  97. To anybody who is interested please contact me on my email. I was on LZ Liz from 9/70 to 9/71 with 1st Platoon, C Co 1/20th, 11th Bde. I have some old orders from back then that I am going to send to the Locator to see what happens. I do not remember very many of the guys names I was with. Thanks for your help.

      • Hi Luke,

        I was with B Co, 1/20th, 11th BDE from Feb. 71 until the Division stood down in October 71. I was the 1st Platoon leader for most of the time then CO toward the end. I would guess the river you are talking about would be the Song Ve (extremely bad area). It was over the mountains from the 515 Valley that we operated in frequently just off of LZ Liz.


  98. I am a high school teacher from Chesapeake, Va and my students are engaged in a community history project honoring Vietnam veterans killed in the war as well as their families. I am looking for anyone who may have known Claude Thomas Jenkins of the 198th, 52nd Infantry, I battalion, A company. He was killed April 12, 1969

    A grateful American

    Craig Blackman

    • I did not know him, but that must have been in the ashaw valley( valley of death) working out of an lz named professional. It was a very rough place to be.

  99. I am working our family tree and would like suggestions on where to find information on the following. Thomas F. smith Jr, D Co, 9TH Inf, 4Th BN , died military region 3-Gia Dinh. d.o.d 3 Mar 1968
    Thomas F. Smith Sr.743rd Bomber Grp–455th Bomber Group Dates of service 11-28-42/9-5-45. WWII prisoner of war Shumen Bulgaria

  100. Looking for information about what Infantry my father was in. His name was Herbert L. Holt, he was in D Company and American Division during WWII.

    • William Harrington was at chi lai in 69-70 with hhb 3/16 art on cherry hill,like to hear from anyone I might have served with

    • Hi Gayle. I served in the Americal Division (Artillery) during WW2 The last letter of its name was (L) (not N). It was formed and named on the island of New Caledonia in early 1942. When the war began on Dec 7 1941, all local national guard units were activated. Three of those 3 were regiments: the 132nd from Massachusetts, the 164th from Illinois and the 182nd from North Dakota. They were sent first to south Australia, then to New Caledonia. That was where they were formed into an Army Division, with their supporting artillery and other units. Like most army divisions, it had 3 Infantry Regiments. Every Army Infantry Regiment consists of units called Companies, listed alphabetically starting with A. So the Americal Division (so-named by its own members, and never assigned a number) had 3 Companies “D”. You could track your father, Herbert L. Holt’s Company “D” if you know if he came from one of those original National Guard Units, or, if not, whether he ever mentioned knowing many soldiers from one of those 3 states. Coincidentally, I had an uncle in WW-1, whose name was Herbert B. Holt. Good Luck, Gayle!

      • Mr Bekins. Were you in the 221st? You may be interested in an article printed in the July issue of The 164th Infantry News. Contact
        FYI: The 164th Infantry Association will hold its 69th Annual Reunion on 19-21 September 2014 in Bismarck/Mandan, North Dakota.

  101. Try to locate Sgt William Johannson who was wounded with Charlie Co. 4/31 196LIB. Not sure of the last name spelling. I believe he was from California.

  102. Looking to contact anyone serving on LZ Siberia 68-69. I was in C Battery, 3/82, Americal Division (105mm howitzers) at that time.

    • I was there,worked FDC you know “stand by battery …FIRE.” I was actually assigned to HHQ Battery and attached to DELTA Battery.If I didn’t have pictures I’d be hard to track.We moved every 7-10 days or so it seams.We actually built Siberia from the ground up.This is how I recall it 45 years later. Our CO was Captain McCloud.I think our official address went something like this D Battery 3/82 Artillery 4 th Bn. 31st Inf.196 Lt Inf. Bde. Americal Divsion …earth. Have you had any there contacts?

    • I was on the advance party there to start building our parapit and such for gun 2 we had serious rain and basically ran out of food, thankfully i had saved up the wax tasting choclate bars from the c ration crackers! There were about 8or 10 of us and a crazy guy from engineers with a tiny dozer. I remember a guy named Gable who transferred to somewhere else. and a guy naned Villagratcia in my section. Our section leader was a good guy. maybe his name was Buck.

      • ………..and you did a ‘hell u va’ good job……..I was there from Dec. 69 to Feb 71. I was in section # 2 the whole time. Did you guys build the “hootchs” too?

        • no we were there a short while, and the very heavy rains came suddenly, we ran out of food, thank god i saved the chocolate bars from c rations that no one liked. we slept atop wood pallets under culvert halves the water running under us. I wish i could remember the name of my cosection guy with me, he learned to like waxy tasting chocolates.

  103. Would like to hear from anyone who served with Cpl. Charles E. Nicastro….H&S Co. 3rd.Amtrac Bn. 1st Marine Div. He was killed in Chu Lai on May 29, 1966 by a mine. It’s been 48 years and I still cannot get over it. He was my husband.

    • Hi June,
      I saw your story and just wanted to say how sorry i am for your loss. I was in the Americal Division,Army in Vietnam in 1968-1969 and i was in the I nfantry and after 48 years you still are not over your loss. It still seems like yesterday for me too. At some point i hope you can move on. You will never forget but you have to move on.
      Larry Toppi

  104. I’m looking for any information on SGT. Roy Everett Bright with company D 31st infantry 169th LIB Americal Division. I’m his brother and was only 9 years old when he was killed in Quang Tin, Vietnam in 1969. looking for someone in his unit or knew him, I know very little about him, A story or anything would be great. I have a few pictures of him and other from Vietnam but don’t know who they are.

  105. I was on professional with Delta 5/46 198th. When mine killed men.April 1971? Dog set off mine. Phone 1-931-363-3021 Leave Message

  106. Hello! I’m searching for any information and/or accounts about my father, Michael Gardner (served in Chu Lai around 1967-68). He never spoke about his time there, so I don’t have much information other than a small batch of scanned photos. My father passed away in 2009 (he was 63 years old). Any information about my father, or even some general information about Chu Lai (combat-related or otherwise) during those years would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  107. Hi my name is Horace Cooper I serve with the 5th/46 INF from Sept 68 to Sept 69 at LZ Gator. They call me Sgt Coop. I would like to get in contact with anyone who serve with me doing that time . When I left I was in charge of issues
    out ammo.

  108. Looking for anyone from A Company 523 Signal from October 1967 thru October 1968. Please contact Samuel Smith cell 586-615-5149.

  109. hello and thank you all vets for your service. I am doing some research on my uncle Sgt. Donald Sidwell was with Co B 1/46th 198th lib 68-69 was in tet offensive I am looking for a Mr Taylor last known from Louisiana was in same unit as my uncle. Mr Taylor was involved in a chopper crash maybe around Nov-68 RPG hit the chopper put it into a spin Mr Taylor was thrown out the door My uncle Donald and others carried him to a safer place and called in another dust off . I don’t have a first name for Mr Taylor all I have is Louisiana any help would be greatly appreciated thank you all and God Bless….

    • would like to share with everyone that I with the help of this website, Mr. Drapczuc, and Mr. Broadwell we have located Mr .Philip R Taylor that was involved with the medevac crash that my uncle SGT Donald Sidwell was also involved with Nov,6th 1968. Still looking for a Mr. Barry Tate from California and a Cawley Green from Florida.
      Co. B 1/46th 198th lib Americal 68-69

  110. Hello everyone. I am looking for anyone who served with A Co, 523rd signal Bn, Chu Lai, during 1970 and 1971.
    I remember Plotner(from Ca),Milford(tracktor races,E3),Shouldress(sp? from S. or N, Dokota,generator mechanic),”Muddy” Waters(Tx),Armant(sp,generator mechanic).
    I worked at DTOC taking care of the division radio’s.
    I’m from Boston and sometimes I was called “Boston Baked Bean” or “Sully”.
    Plotner and I had our own AV setup to record music and sell cassettes to the troops.Want to see if you dudes made it back.
    Hope to hear from you.

  111. I am looking for anyone that served with my dad (Mark Chapman), he was in the Americal Division 198th Brigade Delta 1/52. He was based out of Chu Lai 1970/1971. My dad is doing good. Just would like to know the men that served with him and that may have pictures and stories of their time there together.

      • He also went to basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky. And Tigerland at Fort Polk, LA. So anyone that knew him then too please contact me too.

    • Iproudly served with a Mark Chapman at hhb 3/16 art. on cherry hill by the rock quarrary in Chu lia 1969-70

      • hey sarge,welcome home I was in hq battery 3\16 arty -survey section-in chu lai near the rock quarry -I never knew it as cherry hill,but iwas there came from 2\11 arty -went home dec 67–chck out 2nd btn 11th artillery on facebook-some good photos

  112. I’m looking for any photos or information on my dad who served in the 196th Light Bragade from May 1967, 1969-70, etc. He was a helicopter gunner. We are looking for any history or photos of him for the family history. His name was Duane R. Lowe and I don’t know what his rank was then. Thanks for any help.

  113. Searching for picture(s) of Benny Joe Lewis served with D Co. 4th Bn. 21st Inf. 11 Light Inf. Bde. Benny was KIA 05/18/68.

    • james long do you recall a sgt beane hit in head by a flachet from a can round & medavac out to field hospital in keysanh area i was the tc on my tank track technicians never recieved my perple heart if so i could use ur help please beane2go@yahoo,com

  114. Am still looking for Greg Beckmann, “Mouse” and Sergio “Ralph” Gonzales
    Served with Greg and Ralph at Camp Fulkner, 1/1 Cav, 196th Infantry, DaNang, B Troop, 1971. I have spotted your posts on this blog.
    Hopefully you will find this posting

    John Snyder went bt JR

    contact me at

    I have lots of pictures and stories to tell.

    After all, it’s been over 42 years….

    • Hi John,
      A friend of mine saw your post and texted it to me. I tried to find you for quite a while on different sites for buddy finders but had no luck and haven’t tried anymore for quite some time now. I moved from Stockton, Ca. to La Grange, Tx. almost a year ago. I am going to move back to Ca. in a few months. A lot has happened with me also, life has been crazy. Contact me again and we can talk sometime and catch up some.
      Your old Track Driver and TC, Larry.

    • My name is David Ballard and I was assigned to B Trp 1/1 Cav from Nov 71 until standdown, in Mar 72 Cpt Ernest T Bubb was the Co and Lt Hirsh was eemy platoon Ldr. Do you have pics? Love to see any. We were reassigned to Co C 2/1 Inf and later the 3/21 Inf until standown I’m Aug 72

  115. Looking for anyone from 1/1 CAV that was at Camp Faulkner in DaNang 1970-1971. I was in B Troop, 1st Platoon as a M-60 gunner and then a APC driver.

    My name is John Snyder….went by JR back then (everybody had a nick name).

    Am new to this site and tried to reply to Greg Beckman (Mouse) and to Sergio “Ralph” Gonzales……..guess my reply’s are under review.

    Anyone in that troop can contact me at

  116. I am looking for anyone who served with my brother Scott D. Giguiere anywhere from 1969-1971. He served in the following: 1st Bn 6th Inf, 198th Inf Bde, Americal Div, US Army, Vietnam Thank you.

    • I think my dad may have served with your brother. His name was William Collier (“Bill”). He never told us much (if anything) about his service. I believe he was there in 68 and 69. I found a picture of him the unit information: LZ Minutemen, E Mortars, 1/6 198 LIB

      • WORTH A SHOT.

        I WAS A SGT.

      • Hi Jeff,
        Your father may have served with Scott. If you have time and you are willing, please contact me at 770-552-1987 or email me at Thank you for any help you can give. All the best, Kathy

    • I was the 1st platoon medic with A company, 1/6th, 198 LIB, ’68-’69 ..what company?

    • HELLO,
      I WAS A SGT.

    • HELLO,
      I WAS A SGT.

    • HELLO,
      I WAS A SGT.

    • HELLO,
      I WAS A SGT.

  117. Looking for anyone who served with me in Chu Lai, March 69 to 70, at HQ& HQ Co. 23rd S&T. Names I remember, Zelinsky, Cooper, Valdez, Street.

    • I am looking for anyone,who served with my brother James S.Outterbridge Jr.He was and is from Phila,Pa. I can barel read his DD214,but it says HHC or HHQ 23 S&T Americal Division Chu-Lai.If any of you know my brother please contact me at my e-mail or 215-882-4920.To all of you Welcome Home.

      • P.S. My Brother James S.Outterbridge Jr.,served from Aug 1969 to August 1970. Again either HHC or HHQ 23 S&T Bn Or Co.Chu-Lai

    • I was in HHC 23d S7T BN from sept 69 to Oct 70
      I was in Como I remember seeing you over there
      I never talked much about Viet Nam but there was some good times over there it’s been a long time when you get a chance
      email me

  118. Continuing to search for A Co 5/46 vets who served from 1967-1971. If you served in this unit and have not been contacted, please email me at or call 910.862.9543. To date, some 239 vets from the unit have been found alive. However, we estimate there are 350 yet to be found.

      • I have located capt. schopp and have talked to him he turned me on to a book about the 198th called our war by lt.col.taylor if you were in the 5/46th you need to read this

        • Bob rothenburgh oct 68 oct 69 bravo co read book talked with David Taylor how’s CPR. Schopp doing. Damn good officer.

        • Capt Shopp was a good officer we walked point for his company a couple of times, have not read the book but will try to find it

  119. served in viet-nam with a company 523rd signal bt from april 1969 to nov 1970 my nick name was the kid just looking for old friends to see if our company really exhistested army has no records of if thanks

  120. I am looking anyone who has served in the Americal Div. from May 1970-71 11th inf. 4/21 E company. I was also know as ” Roy Boy”.

    • Hi Roy, I was there Sept70-Mar71. Sniper along with Sgt. Dane, Hank Redding, Marty Gentile, and Donald Ray Kaminski (Skee) KIA 12/25/70. Also remember CO had call sign Pallidin and Poncho-silver star recipient. I remember we lost 2-3 one day Lt.and 2 others can’t remember names but one was maybe from northeast and was always clowning around. I remember a few nights earlier we had to talk him out of bunker where he slept, he was shooting misquitoes with a 45. My ph. 606-474-6162

    • I was a sergeant in the s-1 shop when you came to duc pho..your company was the recon guys..i remember danny notley and a guy called frenchy


  122. Hi, it’s beem a while since I looked at the Americal website or locator. I was medic for 3rd pltn, B Co., 3/21, 196th LIB in 1970-1. Still looking for other guys from the platoon, including Dave Spaeth, Donny Ruff, Danny Harris, Kerry O’Donnell, having touched base with a few of the other guys. Will check this website every so often to see if I might find you.

    • Hi Dave,
      I wonder if you remember a Scott Giguiere from West Sacramento, CA who may have served with you. If you do, could contact me at Thank you so much, Kathy Haynes

  123. would like to hear from any guys who were in 55th arty quad 50′s on firebase liz 69-70 they had their bunker inside hill next to aidstation, they had black lights,a big state-of-art reel -reel tape console, lumimous posters a big icebox filled with cold beer, and steaks! i would come in from the bush and bring them nva stuff and the party was on! they treated me great,and they were great guy”s and those guns were peabringer’s anyone out there know’s them please notify me.

  124. I am looking for anyone from the Company B 9th S&T that was stationed in Ben luck from Jan – June of 1967. I am looking for anyone. I am Richard Williamson Grandson. He has been trying to find anyone from that timeframe and I would like to help him out.

    Please email me back if you have any info. email is


  125. B/3/18 Tien Phuoc 12/70-8/71 Looking for anyone from ammo section-maint or gun one ,Was nicknamed Ogle ,I looked like a guy who deros’ed before I got there . Would like to hear from McCall,Spooney Saunders and anyone else . Hope you are all well.

      • No I didn’t get to the unit until December 70′. We still had pieces of the tube around the hill. I was there when the guns personell bunker took a hit from a 122 mm rocket. A couple guys were inside at the time and got messed up a little,they made it back after a while.

        • Paul Nunn I think I might remember you when did you deros. I was with the unit until stand down.That was the enfd of September71.

        • Paul Nunn I think I might remember you when did you deros. I was with the unit until stand down.That was the enfd of 207 490 2153

          • I was in an engineering co. working on the runway at Tien Phuoc when an 8″ gun (I think) exploded injuring or killing several men. I’d like to know more about it.

      • I was there on July 4th, 1970 when a 175mm exploded mid-tube. I worked FDC at the time and was walking less than 50 yards from the gun when it blew up.

    • AND…want to know about battery after I left. Know one person who went to Mary Ann and got out 11/70 but don’t know which guns went there or for how long. Heard they got overrun around 3/71 and some were kia and wounded. How many guns stayed in Tien Phuoc and for how long? Many questions, few answers.

      • There was a book written about the attack on Mary Ann. I was in B Btry when it happened. Almost everyone was killed. Officer corp were brought up on charges for dereliction of duty.

    • hey ray-I was in suvey section 3\16-i was at tien phouc in nov 67 for awhile .–I remember we only had one gun at that green beret camp-there was a marine there that the marine corp had forgotten about always wondered what happened to him–I went home end of nov 67 –I heard that the camp was overrun during tet–looks like you might have been there.always thought iwas lucky to get out when I did..i just read toinite that part of the camp was overrun,but the camp artillery saved the day next morning -welcome home brother

    • hi I am McCall spooney was my buddy I knew saunders I was in maintness I don’t remember many guys from there
      but I have a question . what was the name of the place we were at
      I live in ky at this time

      • I knew you and the others was wondering what happened to Spooney got Christmas cards from Saunders for a few years then nothing hope your well.

        • I was at LZ Phoenix Jan – Dec 1970. Do you have contact with anyone that was there during any of the time I was there?

  126. Looking for anyone from 1/1 CAV that was at Camp Faulkner in DaNang 1970-1971. I was in B Troop, 1st Platoon as a APC driver. As I recall, the Americal Division stood down and we were transfered to the 1st Infantry Division that returned to the states and were stationed at Fort Riley Kansas until the end of our service. Lived off fort in Manhattan Kansas before returning to Orange California.

    • I’m trying to leave a reply, “Mouse”, but am having trouble….guess I don’t know this site and how it works……

      I tried to get ahold of you one night, when I was down in Disneyland in the late 70′s, but your dad couldn’t find you.

      I’m John Snyder …or JR. I painted the “Keep on Trackin” on the APC.

      Drop me a line sometime…..

    • Greg – I lived with you in KS after we returned from overseas. My guess is that you are still in Southern California someplace, but whenever I would look for you, too many Beckmans in the phone book. Woould be pleased to have a burger and a beer and talk about old times. Cotty

  127. D 1/46, 196th lib Americal Looking for anyone that remembers SGT. Burk was KIA that was his nick name, also Hank KIA and Steve KIA I was a skinny 18 year old That carried the M-60 most of my tour. Saw SGT MCcully back home not long after getting home Another guy in our Squad Pat Mehaul and a Jersey.
    I found a Robert Birkholtz that fits the time frame but it says he was with the 198th

    • D 1/46 196th couple other guys were Truck driver and Berry anyone know where we wre when we hooked up with the tanks and APC’s and all hell broke loose in that vally Medivac crashed Thats Where Hank was KIA

      • Mr.Baxter thank you for your service. I have been doing some research on my uncle SGT.Donald Sidwell could you tell me what year this was my uncle was with Co.B 1/46th 198th lib 67-69 an tet offensive 68 the medevac that he was on crashed he survived but was injured pretty bad thank you for any information..

        • Would have been june or july 1970 that the chopper crashed pilot came in too hot and snapped off the tail rotter Pilot tried to kill himself a couple times but our guys stopped him. Never understood that.

          • thank you for your reply, but I think this chopper crash took place around Oct-Nov of 68, involving a Mr.taylor and my uncle Sgt.Donald Sidwell

          • i with a troop in july 70 in a valley when a medc choper came in for a sgt got sick your right he came in to hot the valley was a hot spot the shit hit the fan the next morning i was stuck there for a week i made it two high ground and watch c troop get the shit beat out of them on the last day going out the track behind me took a hit in the side i saw it comeing over a mile away like like a red ball a fire out of the hills it was not a rpg or a 122 rocket i only had 3 days left lost 4 guys that day 13 out of 25 the year i was there were kia i had my brother kia 1966 173 airbrone he was there 11 days so i hated the vc and nva never took one alive i didnt like the south i shot a few of them the sell you shit doing the day and become vc at night thats the way it is im still in shape if the man comes looking i can still fight i learned the hard way the groverment or cops dont what a bunch of baby killers marching on dc armed to take back whats ours freedom

          • yeah we were on that phuckin chopper e co recon. pilot was nuts that day, taking rpgs and hostile fire, i think he lost his mind

    • I am looking for anyone who remembers Fred Short who was a “boatperson” (so named because of how the troops were transported to Vietnam. He came over in October of 1967 with “A” co, then around Feb of ’68 was sent over to “D” co. I am researching his service on behalf of his son, and looking for info on any valorous action on his part, in order to give him proper recognition. I believe he was removed from the field due to malaria in or around July of 1968. Anyone who may remember him please contact me directly, and to all of you, thank you for your service.

  128. Looking for more guys from B/3/18 Tien Phuoc. Walter McCall Spooney ,Doug Sanders .,ect Just want to see how you guys are doing.

  129. I was NCOIC of classified message center, was with advance party of task force oregon set up classified message cent also acted as classified courier. Still trying to locate Mike White, was buck sgt and worked in transportation

  130. Can anybody give info.on vets.that served in Americal Division 3/16 b battery Tien Phouc in Oct.1968 to Oct.1969.My uncle Buddy Wilson is trying to find info.I remember a story he told about saving the men,Their was the bad guys sneaking up on them and he seen them and jumped on the gun and started shooting.If anyone remembers this please reply i would love to help him.I love my uncle very much and would love to help him.

        • Hi My dad Buddy Phillips served with a Buddy Wilson on River Boat Patrol in Vietnam. He is very interested in finding his old buddies also. He also served with a Steve Carpenter, Capt. Olsen he patrolled several rivers Nha Be and My Tho is the main 2 he remembers. I have a picture of Buddy Wilson and 4 other members of the PBR if that would help. my email is:

  131. I’m trying to research my great-grandfather who served in WWII, Paul Titta. He was from Cincinnati, Ohio and served from June 1942-December 1945.

    The only written information he left behind was the following:
    337th Ordnance
    Paul- Veteran World War II
    South Pacific
    Grade: Sgt
    Served in: USA, New Guinea, Philippines, Japan (Tokyo, Yokohama, Sendai)

    I know he was part of the XIV Army Corps, Americal Division from the uniform patches he left behind. If anyone knew him during the war, I would love to hear from you. Please contact me at I teach high school social studies and would like to be able to share with students some stories about him when I teach WWII. Thank you so much!

  132. Hello fellow vets. I am looking for any information on my Stepdad, Sgt. Charles (aka Chuck or Charlie) Roland Chaplin. He was stationed in Chu Lai, Vietnam circa 1968-1971. He received a Bronze Star for his service. My stepfather is gravely ill and we trying to get him VA Benefits. VA is missing records for him and we are trying to piece together any information you might have. Please contact me if you have any info. Many thanks and thank you for your service!

    • Have you tried to contact NPRC ? They have our military records. just pop NPRC on the internet and it will give you an address to send a request for info. Not knowing what the hang up is with the VA, Your dad’s DD214 should show him going to Vietnam and show listed his Bronze Star. To save yourself a lot of aggravation, contact your local VFW or DAV and they have what is called a Veterans Service Officer and they can help. I hope this helps you

    • vet center helped my Dad with so-called “missing records”.
      He spent 20+ years trying to find the records and was told they were missing, gone, burned in a fire, etc.
      Went to the vet center around 05 and they got the info/paperwork within a week. His claim went through.

      He got “back pay” but passed from cancer in 2009 just shy of the mark that would allow my mother to collect after his death (despite his original claim being filed in the 80s. They only went back to 01 or 02.)
      Got screwed over pretty good on that one.

      Good luck though, hope it works out for you.

  133. I’m looking for Chris Broussard, who was a member of the Weapons Platoon, Charlie Co., 3/1 11th LIB, Americal Division. I think he may have been assigned to Fort Riley in Kansas after DEROS from Nam. I was a combat medic assigned to 2nd. Platoon, Charlie Co., and Chris was a good friend. I recently met a couple guys at a Hill 4-11 Reunion that were Weapons Platoon members, knew Chris, but lost track of him like I did. Please provide any info you might have concerning your knowledge of him or his whereabouts. Doc Hahm

    There was a Leo Broussard in our company, but that’s not him.

  134. Looking for anyone in Company D 1st Battalion 46th Infantry Americal Division Apo 96374 Especially Staff Sergeant Harold Miller Served in VIETNAM from September 1969 to September 1970. Or his family.. I have his Purple Heart and Bronze Star. Would like to get it back to them….Anne Marie

    • I serve with D 1/46 196th nov 1969 nov 1970 was a skinny 18 year old carried the M-60 most of my tour. VA says my hearing loss is not service related WTF

  135. All living dealing members of Co E (Recon) 1st Bn 6th Inf, Americal Div, Serving on LZ Dottie, LZ Bayonet, Hill 270 feel free to contact me. Dates of time was May 70 to Aug 71. Corkie Smith, Scottie Chambers, LT Tardy. Nice hearing from those that would like to make contact. Also Ed Coffee of which was friendly fire, friendly fire from our own choppers, 60 gunner was wounded( I believe name was Butch from Ga. J. D. Lair( The Man). I could go on but Reenlisting and staying another tour. Charlie had other plans. 252-292-4160. Regards to ya’ll aka Mav, Hotrod….. So young

  136. I was a combat correspondent and photographer for the 196th Light Infantry Brigade from May 1970-April 1971. My first mission in the bush was with the Charlie Tigers of Company C, 3rd Battalion, 21st Infantry in September 1970. On the first day of this mission we stopped on the side of a mountain trail for the night and I prepared to lay down, but there wasn’t room on the terraced ledge for all of the command post to lay. I moved up to the next terrace where the grunts gave me a hard time saying I would have to pull guard duty with them. I assured them that I would be happy to pull guard duty with them. I bent over to place my camera under my steel pot for the night and that is when the forward observer (also on his first mission in the bush) laid down on the terrace below and set off a bobby trap. He lost both legs and several other troops were wounded and had to be dusted off that night. I was bent over and didn’t catch any of the shrapnel. If anyone reading this was involved in this mission, please contact me at I have pictures of a number of the men in this company published in a book, “In the Shadow of Danger: Photographs of the Vietnam War, 1970-71″.

    • Hi Bob

      I was in HHC, 4/21 Infantry in Supply as a E2. I would love to buy you book. I was at Duc Pho from June 1970-July 1971.


      Please reply when you get a chance

      • FRED
        My name is Dan(chico) Valdez and I was at Duc Pho from 1969 to 1970
        I was MACV responsible for the passenger terminal and lived in the tent next to it
        If you remember me, please contact me at and out LZ BRONCO as subject

    • Bob the incident was on Aug. 31,1970. there was 5 U.S. WIA, plus 1 kit carson. 843-455-3612 I was one of the wounded.

    • ON July 12 1970 I Was the Arty FO (from B-Btry 3/82 LZ Center) assigned to C – 3/21st Inf. We Lost 3 KIA & several wounded in Firefight including Cobra Airstrike & later same day on Mines/booby traps on a Hilltop as we went to Night Lagger . This was North of Rd from Tam Ky to Tien Phouc (433?) We’d Pulled Rd. security for a Convoy & then sent a Platoon on with convoy for security so were kinda “under strength” anyway. BAD DAY ! We were patrolling to North of that Rd. someplace when all this Went Down – what a mess ! Thank God for Dustoffs !
      Sorry to hear one of Our FO’s was Blown away later as described subsequently. I ‘d replaced a Lt. Barker or Barker that had also been killed up in Heip Duc in Feb or March of 70 I was told? Lot of Combat for C – 3/21st & God Bless those GUYS – Nunez, Wicks, & Drane having givin their last measure of devotion that day. I can NEVER FORGET & remain Thankful I was assigned to FDC @ Tien Phouc firebase by Aug. with Our General Support/Heavies the rest of My Tour (Til May 71) .
      Those who were Light Infantrymen – and those sharing their burden & sacrifice – NONE BETTER or Braver.

  137. Just received news that Brian D Reynolds D Company 5th/46th recently passed away in Illinois. Brian was wounded in mid 1968 and was transferred to Chu Lai hospital to finish his time. He left Nam in March 69 and lived in the Chicago area then moved to Oregon and later moved back to Chicago. I have his obituary if anyone wants to see it.

    • I replaced Brian at the 312th Evac Hospital in July after being wounded during Operation Russell Beach. I had tried a reach Brian at a Chicago tel number. He and I had become good friend while he was with D Co.before Capt. Smith selected him for the liaison position. Great Guy.

  138. Looking for anyone who knew Edward Kenslow, from Oklahoma. His cousin and I are putting a ribbon box together as a gift to him, and would like ANY input from those who knew them. He’s ill and needs his spirits lifted.
    Thanks in advance! God bless you guys.
    Cpl Dave Runkle
    Vietnam Vet US Army
    SMSgt USAFR C5 Galaxy (Ret)

  139. Looking for any info on a Lt. Wooden, who was at the Americal Combat Center in 1969, or a Sgt. Fultz of 198th LIB at LZ Bayonet. This concerns a grenade explosion July 10, 1969, at orientation building at Bayonet that killed my cousin, WO Nicholas L. Venditti, and two other new arrivals.

    • I was on bunker guard when this happened. At orientation the instructors would toss a dummy grenade into group to check the response from group. Somehow they got hold of live one. Will never forget aftermath. I was with E Co recon


      • I was between missions with RECON when this happened. Somehow the dummy grenade used was switched with live one. Heard explosion did not realize what happened ’til chopper came hauling ass to evacuate casualties. mostly new guys. Saw many sights this was one of worst.

  140. I was with the H Trp 17th Cav from May 1967 to Jan 1968. I was transfer to C/1st/1Cav .and medic to Japan in April 1968

    • I was with H Trp 17th Cav 198th LBE from May 1967-1968. Went over my boat in Oct 67 on USS Ushpur went to Chu-Chi. then in 1968 was transfer to C/.1st.sq/1st Cav.We work with 1/46/Inf. 1/52 Inf. pulled strong point at night.

    • My Name is Carl Brookins and I was station there at Lz Bayonet with 49Th Signal/HHC from April 1968 until Dec. 1968 I transferedup to the 198Th from the 11TH LIB down in LZ Bronco I”ve been looking to locate anyone from that time and this unit , benn loking for a SGT.Willie Tanner who I served with and others’ feel free to Email back Welcome Home God Bless You.I live in Corpus Christi Tx.

    • We went to Vietnam by ship, you, Kevin Fornal and I did KP in the officers mess. Kevin and I were later infused to the 11th Infantry Bde.

  141. Harold “Woody” Preston B Brty 3rd/ 16th Arty. Sorry to say Woody passed this month in Tenn. Rest in peace bro.

    • mr.frayne did you serve in the 3/16 b battery in tien phouc in oct.1968 to oct.1969?my uncle,buddy wilson served their and im trying to find some of his buddies.he can only remember a kenneth blackwell.sometimes we talk about his time over their and i told him i would try and find his buddies.i appericate your help.thank you

    • Remember Woody somewhat. Sad. I was on gun 4 from 4/69-5/70 at Tien Phuoc. 3/16th having a reunion in Colorado Springs CO Sept 2014.

  142. I am looking for anyone who was with Co B, 6th Support Battalion between Dec 1967 and the time the unit became part of the 723d Maint Bn in early 1969. Looking for Kucera (mail clerk), van Overloop, Holmes, Young, Cpt. Crouch, SSG Allen, Biggs, Greene, Overby, McGinnis, Dozier, Cpt Griffin or Griffith. That’s about all the names I can recall. I was in the trans platoon for a while then company clerk. Salyers and I are trying to arrange a reunion if there’s any interest. I spoke with Kucera and Cpt Crouch a few years back but have lost touch. You can reach me at

    • i was with b co in 67 went to nam by boat from hawaii i reconize overby name was in country 68 have located minus kettleman langley opinui its good to find someone who was there the whole time we never knew what that hii ll was called we called it montazuma we started on top of the hill with no perimerters sitting in holes at night till we built bunkers and worked our down the hill to the bottom and set up a landing strip any way it was a unike ex for a 76s20 haha cant find cardona shilling davis cox kearse halliday barton cline epps salazer renfro williams ?i didnt foget you castro grimes grahm sgt arnold

      Call the number after my name to contact me.

    • hello everyone……..i am looking for anyone who served in viet nam in 1966 to 1967 with the infantry 1st divison, 2nd squad 1st platoon c-company. i am in good health and i would like to connect with any of my guys. stand strong and God bless, doug p burton

    • Was with A company 1969 to Oct 1970 In the first months with A co I helped build the inside paneling of the houches with the pine wood from rocket boxes and all the electrical work

  143. Lt McDaniel, Lt are you the same Lt that volunteered with us to go to Duc Pho .
    We left the Gordon on a LST ,and landed on the beach and were taken to Duc Pho. Never forgot how scared we all were, we didn’t let it show. I can be reached at:

  144. I’m trying to find any information on my grandfather. Anything that could point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. His name was SGT Howard T. Gaver and he crossed the Pacific on the USAT David C. Shanks in March of 1944. He remained overseas through the occupation of Japan in the Yokohama-Kawasaki-Yokosuka are. That’s everything that I know. Thanks for the help, and Thank you all for your service.

  145. Looking for B co. 9th Spt guys. Twang, Zubak,Vamvarkias,hayes,robinson reveneu,wilkinson and so many more great freinds

    • Greetings Dennis, the last time I saw you was in April 1967 at the supply/armorer course at Ft Lee. I was TDY from Ft Hood HHC 2(M)50th Inf 2d AD. I was a PFC 11H but I lucked out and was sent to the 76K course. I have a copy of the class roster and I remember some of the faces with the names. I ended up in the 9th Suppt Bn (can’t rememer which company) for a couple of months. Vamvakias, a Greek from Corpus Christi, Tx, was one of my good buds during that time. I still have a few pictures from the pool and Ft Lee. I ended up excess in 9th Suppt and because of my 11H, shortly to be 11B, mos I ended up in the 1/6th Inf in August 67. We left Ft Hood on 4 October 67 on the Upshur for exotic Vietnam. I know that I’m not one of your Vietnam memories but I thought that I would say hello anyway. Best Wishes. Remember it has only been 46 years!

      • Great to here from you! Welcome home buddy. I’ve been trying for years to locate David Vamvarkias, no luck. I remember Ft Lee real well. Trips to DC were great. Casino Royal and all those cool watering holes. Keep in touch, If you here from any of the old gang give them my e-mail .

        • Dennis, thanks for the response. I’ll dig through the old shoe box and pull out several of the Ft Lee and Ft Hood pictures and perhaps you might be able to recognize a few faces. I gave it some thought about Vamvakias he was either from Corpus Christi or Port Arthur, Texas. Memory slipping.
          Til next time,

          • Happy Veterans day! Whats up brother? Hows life treating you? Drop me a line if you get a chance

          • Dennis, Greetings and I hope that all is well with you. Did you receive my email with the Ft. Lee and Hood pictures? I used the email I found that you had given in the locater. Let me know if you didn’t receive them . I sent them during the first week in December. Take care of yourself.

          • Hi Dennis, I sent the pictures yesterday using the email you provided. I hope that you receive them; If not let me know and I will send you a hard copy.


  146. C Co/1/46 196th LIB Americal
    Grunt, LZ Professional Oct 69 – Mar 70
    Trying to remember some names.
    Remeber my Ptl Sgt was a Native American from California. Sqd leader was a red-headed string bean from KY, who re-enlisted for chopper school.
    Would be interested in hearing from others from C Co.

  147. Writing on this Memorial Day Weekend in hopes of finding a
    family member—friend—former classmate—and or any Americal
    Division Vietnam veteran that served with Cpl. Frank M Valentine
    —who died in DaNang, Vietnam, April 30, 1970.

    If you can help please go to the bottom of this locator page to a post
    dated January 31, 2012 for more complete information—and leave
    your reply. I will get back to you promptly.

    Thank you in advance—have a great Memorial Day—and blessings.

    Don Lott
    American Legion Frank M. Valentine Post #9
    Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico

    In GOD We Trust

    • I am looking for people from the 23rd division that may have served with my uncle. His name is Sgt Roy R Smith. He went by Ronny and is from Texas

  148. I was in HHC 5/46th INF, and then transferred to 23rd S&T BN, end of 1967-and all of 1968. Looking for Rance Jones, III, Eugene Kessler, Tommy Soto, Capt. Dan Shackelford, Bill Burt, Ted Dombrowski, and anyone who served in both units.

    Here is my contact information:

    Marc Pacino
    CEO & Principal
    Ambiente Federal Services, LLC
    Anthem Federal Consulting
    Las Vegas, NV 89117
    702-898-4533 Office
    949-295-3321 Cell

    • July 68 To July 69, in second platoon.

      Did you know that Keith Nolan wrote a 400 page book about us?

      Called “Search and Destroy”. Written in 2010, but I discovered last November. Have family and friends reading it. Never could explain how much shit our outfit was in.

    • I was in Vietnam from Sept 69 to Sept 70 I was with The America Division, 1/1 Cav B-troop 3rd Platoon. By the time I left Nam
      I was a Tank Commander on Tank 37. When I first came to I ended at Chu Lai, We spent time at Tam Ky and later in Sept 1970 ended up at Hawk Hill. I wish and your loved ones the best.

  149. E Co 1st 52nd 198th nov 68 nov 69 Looking for Lt Newell, Tom Wright, Greg Adams, others that I only remember nicknames, woody, sqeaky, Alabama, beads

    • Your platoon leader in May of 69 was Ssgt Parish from Panola County Texas. I met on LZ Buff the day after the sapper attack May 11/12. I met him again at Son Tinh District Advisers Compound.

  150. I was with B Troop 1/1 cav at camp faulkner Da Nang. I was hhq platoon.CO was EE Bubb. SQ CO was LTC Lorix.I remember names Vasquez, Estrada,Fuentes , Ford,Wheeler, Pappy Brown,sgt payne, Wooten, Buffkins, Myers, Top Davis, Lt hirsch, sgt cuttingham.I was 71 to 72. Andrade CO’ driver. Beckman, Griffin, Griffith, Sgt colligan “SF”. sp5 Hill clerk.

    • Greg “Mouse” Beckmann here. Driver for LT. Hersch in the ” KEEP ON TRACK’N APC. I live in Orange, CA How the hell are you?

    • A little bit of a shocker reading Gonzales message. Was with alpha troop 1/1 cav 1970-1971. was at camp faulkner Danang just before leaving vietnam. Tank commander Alpha 27 sheridan assault vehicle second platoon.

    • Was at camp faulker in DaNang at the same time frame. With A troop 1/1 cav but at that time all units were in DaNang. If my memory is correct,I know you more from Chu Lai base camp.

    • Ok guys…..Now I know I have contacted the right group. After seeing some of those names. There was Larry Griffin…Greg Beckmann was “Mouse”, Griffith was “Clay”, the older guy from Texas, was “Grandpa”, (don’t remember his name). Oh yes, I remember Lt. Hirsh. I wish I could post photos, cause I have a bunch. Steve Meyer, from chicago. Thought He saw a bus drive by, one night on guard duty, in the bush.
      CO EE Bubb……Gotta be Capt. Bubbles…. and Sargent Rock.
      Can’t believe I actually found this site……
      I was the guy who painted “Keep on Trackin”.
      Contact me for pictures, if you like.

      John Snyder ….went by JR.
      Live in Cle Elum, Washington

    • Cottingham here – try checking out the 1/1 Cav website for the 1/1 Cav Association info. They still have reunions and unit is re-flagged and at Ft Bliss in El Paso. Saw pictures last week of old troopers at most recent reunion in Sept 2013. There is also a 1/1 Cav Facebook page and a B Trp Facebook page, as well.

  151. I am looking for brother that was injured in the last two weeks of Jan. 1970 that might have been nicknamed Husky. I can’t remember his exact name because he was not there very long. I was going to walk point that day and my platoon leader told me to let someone else to walk point that day sense I didn’t have very long to go before I went home. We need someone to have experience before I left. He hit a booby trap grenade and I also got hit and fell down on top of him. I know it is a shame that I can’t remember what his name was but I can’t find out even in the military records that were release. They keep telling me that its someone else that wasn’t even in my squad or in my platoon. I was in the B. Co. 4th bn. 21st Inf. 11th Inf. Bde. Americal Division. I know I could bring back memories for you all but I can’t find out if he died or if he didn’t, I would like to know to have peace for myself. Thanks to all who reads.

    • I would like to know if he made it because I should have been the one. We have a reunion every year now and I think it is so great and comforting to see old friends again and talk. I won’t miss anymore reunions. I love all my brothers and can listen to them all day. I hope I can or would like to find this brother.

    • My father, Greg Carson, served in the same division that you listed above from 1970-1971. He passed away on Dec. 31st at the age of 62. He loved his fellow veterans and I would love to get in touch with anyone that knew my dad.

    • Hi Carl,
      My name is Kathy Haynes and my brother Scott Giguiere served during this time and described an incident like this during the same time period. If you remember the name, please contact me at Thank you….

  152. i have my father’s photos from vietnam but no names are written on any of them and he doesn’t like to talk about it. i was wondering if there may be a site where i could upload them and see if anyone could be identified. he was a medic in chu lai dec67 to aug 68. that’s about all i know.

    • Shelley, If you’re on Facebook, join this group (Americal Division Veterans Association) & create a photo album & upload them there. If you’ve only got a few, just upload right to the main page & explain what you’re looking for. List what unit he was with. For example I was in the infantry assigned to C Co 1st Battalion, 6th Infantry, 198th Light Infantry Brigade. You could just put C/1/6 198th for example. These guys will know what you’re talking about. Feel free to send me an E-mail if you need any other help. I live in Sidney Ohio. My wife & I were just at the Americal Division Veterans Association/Eastern Regional Chapter Reunion near Valley Forge PA this past weekend. Tell your dad “Welcome Home”.

      • mr deam,
        thanks for the advice. i have sent a request to mr brothers to be added to the page. it would be really great to be able to have names to go with the photos and maybe find someone who knew my dad. most importantly, thank you for your service!

      • Mr. Deam,
        I am trying to help my father find men who served with him. He was also in C/1/6 198th from October 67- October 68. I just happened to read your reply to see that you were also in this Company. His name is Charles Bush. Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. My email address is

        Thank you,

      • Hey Mark- I was in C/1/6 198th from April 68-April 69. Was in squad with Tommy Thompson. I remember Bones, Harty(from Boston) and others, if you give me a few weeks to remember. Anyone sound familiar? Last 52 days was in rear as resupply NCO flying in Hueys.
        Jeff from Philly

        • Jeff Rimel, if you worked the resupply pad for your company do you remember Bud Isenberg, Harper, Hutson, or Rabelo? I was 44Hotel-the E5 who ran the pad. Isenberg was my replacement after Bill Spanky Stocks was killed. I was with 1/6Inf from Aug 1967-May 1969. Any way I hope life has been good for you. Best Wishes

    • I was in Co. B in 67 & 68. B 1/46 INF. I was in the Chu Lai area in 67 and 68. I might be able to help you.


      • mr drapczuk,
        thank you for responding. i really appreciate it. dad was in c company, 9th support, 198th lib, dec 67 to aug 68. he was a medic and spent most of his time in chu lai. his name is thomas walls and i think he was nicknamed ‘psych doc’ but i’m not certain. although i have his records they don’t really give much information and daddy doesn’t like to talk about it and i respect that. but i want my children to understand what he went through. what you ALL went through and continue to go through, as many things can’t be forgotten. my email is thank you for being willing to help and more importantly, thank you for your sacrifice!

        • I was in Co B , next to Co C were your father was. They did some life saving things there , I was treated there for a minor work injury. While there I saw some awful sites of locals getting wounded for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Those docs, had to work some miracals. I hope your dad opens up to you. It was an honor to serve with all those great GIs

    • My name is Roger Cook and I was a Medic with 1/22 A co from Feb 1967 to Jan 1968. I went into operation MedCap after Jan 1968. Your name Sounds very familar.

  153. Still looking for Jay Osborne, medic A-1/20th-11th LIB. 68-69. Contact Tommy Acosta ft Worth TX, 817-709-6335 Peace, Tommy-grunt

    • Sounds familiar. Hate to say this but I’m losing it and it didn’t start yesterday. I’ll be 68 in Mar 2014. I don’t think it’s just old age progression but also has something to do with Nam. Anyway, I was a medic and I served with Recon, Charlie, and Alpha company, 1/20th, 11th Bde., Americal Div. I think I served from Sep. or Oct 1968 until Oct 1969. Literally, my last fight was June the 10th, 1969. I think we had 5 KIA that day including Cpt David Walsh. You might try to ring my bell with some more information and may be I can be more helpful helpful. Before I leave I might mention that I had been promoted to E6 and was assigned to the aide station at Liz. I got a call that the remaining two medics, Boe and __?__ were wounded. I think they were taking care of the same guy. Two new medics from the clearing station at Duc Pho took their place the next day. I think it was on the 9th. Their names were Steingard and Gomez. Gomez was KIA on the 10th. By the way, Boe (mispelled ?) was from Houston. I saw him again at Ft Hood, Darnell Army Hospital, probably sometime in 1978.

      • hi alan, do you remember me i talked to you on liz, and bronco many times i was in bravo co.knew both gomez, stengarrd, and boe. i was at 23 med to pick up suppliesmy bravo compAny was on liz helped a co. wounded on june 10 then left for liz with bravo. treated chickenhawk he tolded me about cookie kia get back to me when you can i remember alot-doc miles

      • hi alan i met you june 69 on liz. i was at 23 med training my bravo co. on liz i helped treat a co. wounded from iron mountain june8,9,10 talked to chickenhawk about cookie kia i knew gomez, boe, stansgarrd. came to bravo co. after the battle. i was 2nd platton medic in bravo co. and recon july/aug 69 keep in touch-doc miles

  154. I was looking for Larry Taylor,,, served in Vietnam ’67- ’68 with the 4th battalion, 3rd infantry 11th brigade, americal division…. Duc Pho and Chu Lai,,, my name jeff needle, served in the same unit,,, haven’t seen or heard from him since then,,, but would like to… thanks….

  155. Looking for anyone with Company D, 1st battalion, 52nd. infantry, 198th brigade, Americal Div., Chu Lai, Aug.1969-May 1970.

    • Wallace
      I served with 1/52nd 198th Delta Co. and Charlie Co. on LZ Stinson 1969-1970. If I can help in any way please feel free to contact me.

    • Brian Hanson – I served from March 1970 to March 1971 in Delta Co. 1/52, 198th. I don’t remember many names – do better with faces. I was an FO for a while, eventually lead the mortar platoon. If you remember me, cool. Welcome home.

      • The mortar platoon leader I remember called 3 or 4 DT into me one day in the late afternoon overlooking a valley. Sure enough Charles showed up the next day and you did drop rounds. I carried the Battalion net for the company commander. IC May 70- May 71.Was you not a staff sgt. At the time spec. 4 Mader.


    • I served with D Company 1/52 198 LIB from January 69 to December 70. Mortars and squad leader. I am planning on digitizing my large collection of photo’s in the near future. Just need to find the time to do this. I will share when done. I went on to run the USO darkroom on LZ Bayonet with 1/14th Arty until April 70. Early outed and went home to Michigan.

  156. I was S/sgt Warren , US Air Force, 15th Aerial Port Sqn mobility team NCOIC
    that worked the airstrip at Tien Phouc from Sept 70 to Jan 71. I had 3 guys that
    would rotate in and out of Danang every 10 days that was my crew. We stayed
    at the B/Bty 3/16 & Special Forces firebase at night and worked the airstrip during the day. Our hootch was next to the VHF commo bunker. Anyone remember me?

  157. I am looking for Doc Scanes of Georgia that served with me in 1/46th 196th in 1971. I need to get in touch with him because he fixed my leg from shrapnel wounds on my right leg. Also, I am looking for Sgt. Leshure (Frenchie) 123rd Avn Bn., WO Guy of Memphis (123rd Sig Bn.), or Darryl Anderson of Washington, D.C. All served from 1970-1971. 901-417-7639 or 901-340-0233

  158. Looking for anyone from americal div. chu lai July1970 T July 1970 B co.1/52 198 lt Infranty that was also on LZ Stinson. Dave Petrill was my M60 Guy I was his ammo man John Tosh was just a crazy guy.

    • Did you know 2nd Lt. Mike Wilson. He was in C co., 1st BN, 6th Inf, 198th Bde. He was KIA on June 3, 1968 as part of operation Burlington Trail. Would like to hear from someone who might have known him. He was from Kansas.

  159. Hello,
    I was in Vietnam from May 68 to May 69. Was with the Americal division B Co.4/3rd. Was in the 1st.platoon. Base camp was Duc Pho, firebase L Z Bronco. Still looking for Amos Williams.I believe he lived in Tampa,Fl. back then.

    • Sorry don’t know Amos. I was at LZ Bronco March and April of 1969.
      Looking for info on perimeter probes, firefights, rocket or mortar attacks at the LZ. Need tax relief and help with a VA claim. Any info would help. Welcome home.

    • Larry
      I was with Co B 4/3 11 th Brig. second plt. June 69 to Aug 69. After you. There have been three reunions, if were not there. If your interested. call me 812 304 0498 Mike

  160. Looking for Lt. Perion (?) and Capt Willston (?)
    E co Recon 1/6th 198th. April-May 1970 any help would great.

  161. I am looking for anyone who was in Vietnam with my father. He has only been able to find 2 men that he served with and I was hoping to find others. He was in Vietnam in 1968 Co. C 3rd Bn 4th Bde, James Williams, from Tennessee. Thank you for any help

  162. B btry 1st/14th March 1970 thru Dec 1970…LZ Pro, Young & Mary Ann…Where are all the B battery guys from this time period…how about the mortar guys of the C co/1st/46th or the ACL graduates 3-70 from Ft Sill… Just wondering…I’ve been lurking for a few years, enjoy the stories and hope you guys reconnect with the ones you’re looking for.
    Welcome Home

    • Hello Bruce. I served on LZ Professional with b battery1/14th. from may 69-june 70. In the and fire direction center. Had the privalage of serving the longest on the hill at that time. WELCOME HOME TO YOU!

      • Hey Brett, You were there for a couple months of my tour…got any pic’s of the hill…did you ever get out and around to the battery area…to any of the guns..??
        I was told I crawed back home, from the XO’s hooch (or someone’s hooch up the hill from gun #4), one night after getting drunk as hell…Woke up the next day, blood every where, big gash in my chin…Don’t remember a thing..!!!
        You must have gotten to Pro after C battery left.. glad you made it home..!!!
        Type at you later…!

        • Bruce. Should check this site more often. I don’t recall you’re incident but am sure it was a low crawl in the finest tradition. Chances are that i was also involved in a similair training excersise.Yep, came on the hill as charlie went off, what a mess. Started on the guns, then to exec. post and then fdc. Carry on.

    • Were you on Mary Ann when we were building it I was with D 1/46 196th infantry, we were mortered a few days I can’t remember the dates

      • I was in co.c 1st platoon 1/46 196-198 americal sept 69-sept 70 would like info early 70 we hit arty booby trap I kia lost his right side and possibly a sgt named ski wia ? it was a ceased fire that day after that we did fire on a group of vc in the valley we were on grass covered hill near pror I think anther event we had a kia trying to get his body we got another kia plus wia we had to leave and bomb the area and go back and got them??? also confused june 9 que-valley ??? side lz west 1970 any answers or questions give me a call 704-782-7716 N.C. thanks!!!!

  163. Americal 1/46 Echo Co Recon L Z Professional may-september 1969, Platoon Sgt/ Squad Leader, wounded june 1969, served with Lt. Waltz, Others Bower, Brewer, Sabastionelli, Brown, Churchhill, Hart, Rogers, Minera, Maronnay, would like to hear from anyone.

    • I was FO w/first E/1/46 in ’68. Paul Gildner, MI, puts reunions together, last number I had was 231-876-9201. I think he has roster of those attending in the past.



      • Hey Doug–you still out there? I wrote to you several years ago and then lost contact. I was 1/46 HHC in the TOC and with several line companies. I was an RTO.

  164. Looking for records for Clarence James Jones ,Army number 52-916-148 .He did basic training at Ft Benning,Ga..He went to Ft.Sill,Ok after basic in 1968 .He was training as a gunner as I remember. He then was stationed at Ft. Riley,Ks. until 1969 he then was stationed in Viet Nam at the command center 30 miles south of the DMZ. Jimmy as he was called was a cook until he left the service in early 1970.Just can’t remember his unit or troup # in Ft.Sill,Ok. Just asking ,thank you, Linda Jones

  165. Look for any info on my father, Lt. Fran Brown. Served in Co. B 4/31 in 68-69. He passed in 2010, I was wondering if anyone knew him back then.


  167. I am trying to locate CPT Zeeke Zimmerman, FO attached to 5th/46th, Nov 1969. Need help on Choller Crash on 9 Nov 69 off of Minuteman. Please contact either by e-mail or (801) 622-2287.

    • I was XO of D Co. 5/46th at Phu Vinh in this time period. On Nov 8, 1969 there was a mortar fire mission from LZ Minuteman which resulted in VN civilian casualties at CAP 142. I was monitoring the BN net and there was some discussion from the Cpt at LZ MM suggesting to BN that they should keep quiet about the source of the fire, expecting the VN civilians would believe it to be a Vietcong caused event.

      David Taylor in OUR WAR on page 365 describes this event and the chopper crash shortly following this incident: “Major Roman, the battalions Executive Officer commandeered a Huey and set out at 1:20 AM (Nov 9) to LZMM, taking with him the artillery liaison officer, BN surgeon, HQ First Sgt, a medic, and a RTO. The bird they secured was piloted by two new aviators who were new in-country and had not flown night missions. After a brief time on LZMM they took off to fly to the refugee camp. The controls on the Huey went stiff and the bird rolled on its side and crashed. The medic and artillery officer suffered multiple lacerations and were dusted off to the 91st Evac Hosp in Chu Lai.” Hope this helps. R Wight 1LT

  168. Hello All!
    I am a caregiver for a man who is 94 who has ‘clear as day’ memory of his time spent in the Pacific during WWII. I am attempting to document his account but I’m not sure he is remembering his unit number correctly….I know, it’s not something forgotten, but the trouble is the unit number he gave me does not match the units history as far as I can tell. Based on his memories I’m thinking he may have been with this unit. Is there anyone who can help me find out if he was, or able to give me a reliable place to look??? He does have a purple heart, perhaps somehow that would work??? Please help….and don’t delay…he is quite elderly. I just want him remembered and honored. He is a very good man. Thanks!!!

    • I’ve done some research on the Americal Division during WW II. Do you have more specific info about the veteran? Does he recall which regiment or battalion or company he served in? Does he recall any of the locations where he served i.e. Fiji, New Caledonia, Solomons, Leyte, Cebu, Samar, Japan?
      When did he enter the army and from where?
      I have extensive records of some WW II Americal units and his name may appear somewhere in these records. Does he have any documents related to his army service?
      My father served in the 182nd regiment during the war.

      • I served with the Americal Division on Cebu 1945. I was with the Americal when we occupied the region of Honshu, Japan around Yokohama/Fujisawa. I’m very much interested in data pertaining to the 132nd Regiment.

      • I’m trying to find info on Walter T. Olsen. He fought on Cebu, Ilo Ilo, Leyte in 1945. He received the bronze star. Went to boot camp at camp wheeler, GA. He recently passed but I have no unit history

      • Mr. Rodriquez – might you have any information about my father Pvt. Thomas E. (Ed) Senn, who served as a medic in the 164th 1st Bn. Co. C? His letters refer to good friend Brinkman who I believe may have also been a medic and to a Medlock. Family story is that he was “caught behind enemy lines” on Negros. Have his Military Medical Record which indicates the date of the “incurrence of his disability” as 30 Apr. 1945. Thanks for any help that you might be able to give me.

  169. I was in Chu Lai from May to July 1970. Co C, 5/46th, 198th LIB.
    Wounded on July 30, 1970. I was the headquarters company radio operator. Capt Smith was the co. Would like to hear from anyone who was in the unit… Steve Forey, Dave Culver, Don Cliensmith, or Doc. Have not had any contact with anyone since my medical discharge in December 1970. SP4 Craig Tryon

    • Saw your locator note. I knew of Clinesmith but have not been in contact with him. I see Dave Culver and have his e-mail if you have not already been in contact. Also have contact through Americal Reunions with Dave Hammond, Rich Totten, Ernie Hopkins, Al Fultz, Mike Cooligan, Steve Dant, Larry Witt, Bernie Smith, Jim Carter, Kirk Kilpatrick, Jim Parker, Lt. Franco, Lt. Amass, Lt. Ladak,, Hillibilly (Dave) Robinson, Just lost Jessie Hill a few weeks ago. Have seen Killer Carl Kapnappel. Sgt. Sancez. Lt. Dave Taylor and a few more that do not come to me. Please contact me if you want more information. This years reunion is in Nashville, TN and information for it is on the ADVA website.

      Jerry Nichols

      • I was with Recon 68-69. some of the guys called me :Crazy Rosie”. Dave Culver rings a big bell. I don’t recall most of the guys names. I spent a lot of time on point and don’t recall having time to to sit around and talk, except for my back up man on point, Richard Olson. I would love to talk with Dave, if I recall correctly he was hit and never saw him again, had always hoped that he made it, more so because if my memory serves me right, he took my place on point and it seems like seconds later he hit a bobby trap? I would also like to get in touch with, “Big Soul” (big black guy that carried the M-60, his last name might be, Madkin? I recently made contact with, Ivy Joe Milan (M-79 man). There isn’t much on line for the guys during the 68 and 69 years and was very glad to come across this post.

      • Just placed a locator note (Feb. 19) and then found yours. I was with this unit from Jan 1970 – May 1970. I was transported to Camp Zama Hospital in Japan. I tried contacting my unit, along with help from the Red Cross, but was never able to do so. I was told that my unit came under fire and there were possibly causalities and wounded, but I could never find out for sure. This would have happened around June or July of 1970. I’ve thought about that a lot over the years. I never received my personal belongings — no pictures of the guys or of any other things. I would appreciate any info you can give me
        Larry Cassell

    • I was in C co 5/46th 198th from the end of July 1970. I know these guys and where to find one of them for sure —Dave Culver
      Please call me at 715-281-9954 we have reunions every year !!
      Please call !!

    • My dad served in Vietnam with the 5th 46th 198th Charlie Co. in 70 and 71 he was a medic known as doc bane I had some of his buddies send me some photos of him I got in contact with a Roy countryman and goc if anyone that’s knows how to find photos of my dad email me at thank you

      • Jack
        There are a lot of d Co 1/52 out there. They have their own reunions and area always welcome at our reunions for the 1/52, the next one set for April 4-7 in Willis, Tx, north of Houston. A very relaxed comfortable setting behind an American Legion hall, all cooking done outdoors texas style. RV hookups and Camping at site, and a Best Western close by.
        If you want more information, email me at or call me 832-443-5684 Welcome home. Dennis Loop 8324435684


  171. Looking for websites to verify what metals my late uncle Robert M. Combs was awarded during his WW-II service in Patton’s Third Army including the “Battle of the Bulge”. I know he received the Bronze and Silver Stars and Purple Heart, but I want to know about his possibly being considered for or awared the French, “Croix DeGuerre”, not sure of spelling. He passed away recently and I would like to verify that for his memorial service. Sincerely, his very proud nephew.

  172. looking for anyone with b battery 3/18 artillery thien phuc firebase phoenix 1971 i was on the 175 gun next to the village,3/16 was down river from us.i located larry english,al owens,john crestwell. give me a call 870=239=9794.

    • Was in FDC at Tien Phouc (B-Btry 3/18th Arty) from Sept 70 to May 71 , also was FO with C-company 3/21 Infantry out of B-Btry 3/82nd Arty off of LZ Center in June – July 1970. My Rotation home May 10, 1971 from Tien Phouc. Thanks for Your Service Jerry. We did what we could. Harvey Goodchild (1 Lt. )

      • Harvey: I believe you went for a ride in the fdc track down on the river bank with the xo in the generator tub .I was driving a test with the unit before we deployed to lz Pleasantville

  173. looking for anyone that served with b battery 3/18 artillery 1971 at tien phuc vietnam.firebase phoenix.175 howitzer.i have located al owens,larry english,john crestwell.we all seemed to have nicknames,so its hard to remember given names.i was on the gun next to the villiage.3/16 was down river from us. give me a call i would like to reflect a little on some things i have forgot.

    • I was on the 175mm, gun 3 next to the village. Do you remember when gun 3 blew up July 4th? I remember a John but not sure it was you—the John i knew slept in the bunk below me in the underground barracks—spec4 Paul Nunn

  174. Looking for anyone who served with me or knew me or of me. E Co. 2/1 196 LIB 08/1968-08/1969. Was on LZ Ross (both locations). OP Cobra. Various other locations in Que Son Valley. Call sign was ZULU niner niner.

    • ZULU 99 – I was Sgt-E5 in 2/1 196th from May 68-69. I was in Recon and came to the BTOC in Dec ’69. I served as a duty NCO along with Phil Yeager. I remember you so well, you were the best on the radio. I’ve always wondered and looked for you. We were on LZ Ross, Tien Phuoc and LZ Baldy.

  175. Any members of the original recon platoon, Co. E, 1/6, 198 LIB? USNS Upshur to the nam, 10/67—. I was the rto for the 1st squad. I found Ike, or , he found me. Anyone else?

    • I came over in Nov 67 and was assigned to E Co. 1/6the. LT Livingston was my platoon ldr, Sgt Mootoon was my squad ldr. I remember Don Prien (KIA 01/31/68), Willie Grissom, Douglas Dennis, James Smith, John Haselbauer (KIA 02/08/68),

      • My father, David Hughes, was in E Co 1/6th Inf from I believe Aug ’67 – Aug ’68. Injured on 23 Dec ’67 with Donald Wayne Richard (who subsequently died from his injuries on 25 Dec) and 7 others. Was on Hill 218, aka LZ Bowman, in April ’68 (I have a letter he wrote his parents dated 20 Apr 68 the day after Generals Westmoreland and Johnson were there). On a side note, if anyone could pass along any info regarding the events on 23 Dec ’67, it would be much appreciated.

        • my father, thomas walls, was a medic first in E/ 1 /6th and later in C co 9th spt. nov 67 to aug 68. he went over on the uss upshur. i have his photos of comrades but none have names on them and he doesn’t like to talk about it. if you would like to see them or remember my dad, please email me at

    • I joined recon 1/6′ 198th in May 1968 . I was in the field with several of the originals .
      Sgt Slugger, Don Black , and Scrowmouski, I will never forget them , I was with others but can,t remember ther names.
      5/68 to 5/69
      E co Recon 1/6 th, 198 th LIB

      • Hi Kurt, It is good to see your name. I spoke to you several years ago and you sent me a vhs tape of your return trip to Vietnam. I was in 1/6 Inf Jul/Aug 1967-May 69 and did a variety of jobs. I was a 11B with a secondary 76K armorer mos in HHC and once attach to A Co. I was at Da Nang Op. Miracle, LZ Baldy, LZ Center (May 68), Hill 76 and a few others that I don’t recall. I used your tape for my Vietnam War history course here at New Mexico State University. The students enjoyed the film after viewing earlier documentaries. A belated thank you. I hope that all is well with you. If I recall you moved from Nevada to California? Best Wishes.

  176. R.I.P. Great American Hero
    General Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf 8-22-34/12-27-12
    Americal Division Battalion Commander 1st/6th 198th LIB 1970

    Ronnie Connors C Co. 3/1 11th LIB ’69-’70

    • I was in the 1/6, saw him once when I was in the rear base camp, he almost busted me and five other guys for smoking weed, What a fit he had over a little pot. Base camp worrer.

  177. Looking for anyone you served in B BTRY, 3RD BN, 82ND ARTILLERY, 196TH INFANTRY BDE, AMERICAL DIV from July 1968 to Feb 1969. Im looking for anyone who might have served with my daddy. He was KIA on February 24, 1969. (I was 18 months old at the time of his death – mother abandoned us and we dont know much about him or have anything of his except a couple of pictures – they appear to have been taken while in country (vietnam). I would appreciate any information. I’m proud to be a daughter of a fallen soldier!

    • Katrina:I’m sorry to hear of your unfortunate circumstances of your childhood. Hopefully loving family members helped raise you to be the lady you appear to Be. Unfortunately I didn’t serve with your dad but did serve in another unit in the Division Artillery, You have every right to be proud of your dad ,as I’m sure he would be of you. Good luck with your search, I wish I had a daughter this devoted,

  178. Does any body out there know if A-Battery 3/82 Artillary of the Americal Division ever was awarded a Presedental Citation for service in Vietnam.

    • The entire 3/82 Artillery Regiment received these unit citations in Vietnam:
      Meritorious Unit Commendation
      RVN Gallantry Cross w/Palm

  179. SP5 w/HHC 16th CAG 3/69-3/70 Looking for Jack Russell, Jim Rodriguez, Clarence Walker, Dick Boutelle, Dennis Bailey, Pete Mahoney, Ehler, and MSG Awrey

  180. Got to Nam 3 Feb. 68 at CamRahn? Bay. Went to C 1/46th 198th as replacement in 3rd plt. There was me, Don Greene & Billy Insal. Seems there was a claymore accident that killed 5 guys in a tent on either Hill 69 or Hill 54. We went to the same squad. We were fox hole buddies until we got split up in late June or early July. I finally got in the Mortar plt and we got sent up to LZ East for fire support for operations in the valleys around LZ East. We set the big grassy hill next to East on fire one night with a WP round. It started out as a yellow dot and grew into a giant donut that could be seen for miles. Don Greene became the CO’s RTO, and Billy Insal stayed in the squad. We meet back up on 29 July 68 when the company was going back out on patrol. That evening both Don & Billy were dead, (along with Sgt. Auxier who they never found.) It seems we used this hill a month earlier when we left the field. It turns out that somebody had buried about 500 lbs of explosives in the middle of the hill, just waiting for the wrong people to use it again. Enter C Co. more to follow…….

    • Tom
      Been trying to find you for years but all E-Mails failed so I was very pleased to see your posting. I was point man that terrible day and would like to touch base with you. Maybe we can share E-mails but I don’t know if this site will allow that so I will include my home phone 952-467- 3704 in minnesota. Looking forward to visit with you. Roger Kamps

    • I was F.O. w/B/D/Recon 1/46 67/68. Been in contact w/several 1/46 guys, and Lt. Bob Nadoloski, C/1/46 (lost eye & leg to booby trap), this is Bob’s email if you wish to contact: bobthetraveler1939@gmail, lives in northern IN. Not sure Bob has any contact w more C guys tho. Claymore went off on Hill 54 (my arty base, 1/14th). Doug

      • Doug
        Thanks for the info and I will try to contact Bob if he is open to discussing the past or not. If you need to contact me I have listed my home phone but am reluctant to list my E-Mail since on the old Americal site people used it to try to scam users. Roger

        • I’m certain that Bob would enjoy talking with you. As his email identifies, Bob likes to travel (Amazon, Russia in winter, recenty traveled across Europe and ended up in VN) quite a guy w/great sense of humor. He used to own a blueberry farm so we called him “Blueberry Bob” – unfortunately he got divoreced and xspouse got the farm, so now he goes by a nother monicker! Bob somtimes attends the Kokomo reunion, guys from B/1/46 started the treck several years ago. I’ve been there couple of time, most recently met up with my RTO, first time we have been together since Nam. Other guys from 1/46 show up.
          I think I ran into Auxier once or twice, probably on 69. Also I think CPT Monte Wolffe took over C/1/46 sometime after July 68. After my 8 mo. in the bush and after I got out of the hosp. I was in Bn TOC until coming home.

          Good luck in speaking with Bob!

        • Jack,
          Been long time, my memory is fading, I have good recall of Wintermute but can’t remember if redleg or grunt,sorry. If you could fill me in I’d be interested if you’ve hooked up with others of our unit. I have a couple of 1/14, some from B/D/Recon of 1/46. drop me a note at!!!

          • Mr.Lay I saw your post and was wondering if you might recall my uncle Sgt. Donald Sidwell was with Co.B 1/46th 198th LIB was involved with a medevac crash

    • Tom, was a medic on the hill when the explosion happened. “Dug” our RTO out of hole he got buried in when it happened. Got dusted off myself after they saw ears bleeding etc..

      Johnny “Doc” Walker

      • John
        I’m trying to remember you but am not sure but your name sure seems familiar.As I earlier stated I’m very familiar with what happened that day and am trying to make contact with as many comrades from that time as possible. Give me a call so we can exchange e-mails 952-467-3704

      • doc I was in c,co. mortar plt. with you were you the who read the poetry that Goldsberry’s wife sent him or the doc that was a bass player it has been a while its hard to remember all the guys I just found this sight good to hear about the past

    • I was in 1/46 198th LIB co. c mortar plt. I don’t remember you, but I do remember that fire .Also remember digging out those two guys that were buried and looking for sgt.. I would like to hear more from you. You are the only person I have had any contact with Sorry I don’t remember you.

      • Ron
        I was pointman that day and was in country from March to October of 68 with Charlie Co. 1/46th. I am open to contact anytime but don”t like to give my E-Mail on sites like this due to spam. Call me anytime in Minnesota at 952-467-3704 and we can share E-Mails
        Roger Kamps

      • Hello MR Wakeman, doing some research on my uncle SGT Donald R Sidwell he was with CO B 1/46th 198th LIB 67-69 have you ever heard of LZ Bowles or FSB Bowles?

  181. Looking for members of C Co.4/21 inf 11 Bde. 1969-1970. Anyone from Americal sniper school 1-70 or recon plt. from 4/21.

    • Hi Lee. I am never sure which exact unit I served with in Viet Nam in 1970 but this sounds right. I was a sargent and yes there was a fellow soldier nicknamed “chicken man” who went to sniper school and then came back to our unit. It seems that I only remember nicknames rather than anyone’s real name that I served with so difficult to locate people. I am located in Washington DC.

    • I was part of the 59th scout dog unit at lz bronco and when out with a unit that took a sniper to deploy in the field for several days.

      • ken I seen you were with the 59th dog scouts, there was a medevac crash that happened oct-nov 1968 that had 2 dog handlers and they’re dogs with them the crew and the dog handlers and the crew did not survive the sole survivor was Philip R Taylor Co, B 1/46th 198th LIB any information would be greatly appreciated. thank you for your service and welcome home.

    • I was the FO for the Recon Platoon E Co/4th/21St Inf. I was there most of 1970. Over the course of my tour I served with all of the line companies. Capt. Hagleburger commanded C Co. when I was there.

      • I have a picture of a guy in recon platoon named Jasper. Had glasses on if I remember right.w/ curly like hair. Ring any bells? I can’t find anyone but one person I served with soo far.

    • Lee, Took a stroll here today. I was a sniper from Sept70-Mar71. Did you know Sgt. Dane, Hank Redding, Marty Gentile, Raymond Kaminski (KIA Dec25-70). My ph. 606-474-6162

      • Sorry for taking so long to answer. But been busy within myself. I have a plaque somewhere around d here with about 30 names on it and I believe you were one of them. I have not found one guy yet who was with me in VN. Worked with e co 4/21 12 inf bde.