Memorial Placed – National VA Cemeteries (April 2023 Update)


The Foundation placed the standard Americal Division monument (designed specifically for national VA Cemeteries) at five cemeteries in the past two years.

Two other monument placement projects are approved for placement at this time. Installation is expected to be complete by mid-2023. Foundation Director Gary Noller is heading the project placement for Fort Sill National Cemetery in Oklahoma. The design requirements for the Fort Sill location are slightly different than the standard design we have used at other national VA cemeteries; Gary is working with a local contractor on design and construction. The other location is Miramar National Cemetery near San Diego, California. The placement vendor has the monument at his facility and is working work a local volunteer to coordinate base construction and placement.

The monument design honors the legacy of the Americal Division during its three eras of activation as a U.S. Army infantry division.

In December 2021, monument placement was completed at the Fort Polk, Louisiana Army installation.

Caption: Fort Polk Museum


May 2022 was the installation date for the Americal Division monument at Fort Bliss, Texas National Cemetery

Caption: Fort Bliss National Cemetery


Foundation Director Ronald R. Ellis initiated the proposal for placement of an Americal Division monument at Fort Jackson, South Carolina National Cemetery. Following NCA Southeast District approval in January 2022, installation was complete in June 2022.

Caption: Fort Jackson National Cemetery


Foundation Director Robert Cowles initiated the proposal for placement of an Americal Division monument at Camp Butler National Cemetery, Illinois in 2018. Due to a variety of issues, the time frame to obtain district approval became a longer process to complete. Once district approval was granted in mid-2022, pad construction and placement was completed in November 2022.

Caption: Camp Butler National Cemetery


ADVA member John Farley initiated the placement proposal in 2019 for Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania National Cemeter. Again a number of issues delayed district approval. Approval was granted in mid-2022. Pad construction and monument placement was completed in April 2023.

Caption: Washington Crossing National Cemetery


The Foundation is currently working with VA cemeteries in the states of California (Riverside), New York (Western New York) and Florida (Tallahassee) to place an Americal Division monument. Other VA cemetery sites are under consideration at this time for placement proposals.