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  1. I was in B/1/6/198 Americal Division in 1968&1969.I carried the company radio. Do you remember Hill 270 or Hill 69?

    • I am john victor. I was with the unit from july 69-may 70.I ran the mortar (4th platoon)..I am going to give you a face book page for what is mostly 3rd platoon. They are having a reunion june 24-26 in Columbus,Ga.
      I am available to e mail or talk at almost anytime.
      I did haul the 81 to hill 270 a few times. They had a quad 50..
      Sorry about grammar but in a rush.
      Feel free to get back to me.
      Best regards,
      john Savannah,ga

    • Wayne, thanks to John Victor, we know that my brother in law, Scott Giguiere also served in B Company 1/6, 198th while you were there. He was a SP Machine Gunner. Did you know him? Hope you can make the reunion.

  2. I know it’s a long shot, I’m looking for Ray Williams. I think he was a Captain in the Marines and his brother was killed in Vietnam, PFC John William Williams. Mar 1, 1966

    Cap (Ray) ended up in Canada where I met him as a young fellow of 15, became a mentor of mine. Any help in locating Ray of any information would be greatly appreciated.


  3. Served 69/70 c co.4/21/recon 4/21 11 the inf bde. From Oct 69 to Oct 70. Known as chicken man by most. Please contact if you know about Arnie and his death in 69. God bless you all .

  4. I was at lz pro echo recon platoon 1/46, 196 LIB americal 1970.I would like to know if anybody remembers the nite lz professional was attacked some time around late march or early april im trying to remember thanks

    • Yeah! I remember that. If I remember right most of the probe was on the east side of the hill. I had to go from TOC to artillery shack and almost ran into a large shard of a bangalore torpedo sticking out of a ammo box retaining wall. That freaked Ltc. Foss out. I also remember when Recon ambushed some dinks east of the LZ and killed I think 6 or eight of them. Recon team leader was a blond headed guy from Alabama I think, later wounded by a booby trap. Only other guy I remember from Recon was Jackson a tall black guy. I am Sgt Lee HHC radio operator. Get back to me if you have any questions.

  5. I’m looking for anyone that might have known my Dad. He was in the Army in 68-70, but looking for anyone from 1968. His name is Travis Phillips. I know he was in Battalion 1. He was highly decorated soldier in Vietnam. I wish I knew more as far as company, platoon, etc but all I know is Army 1st battalion. I know he was based in Chu Lai and during the months of June-August 1968, he was on Hawk Hill. He was shot August 24th 1968 but survived. He was in Infantry and went to Ranger school. I would love to hear from anyone that knew him. Also if anyone might know what Infantry groups were stationed out of Chu Lai in mid 1968, in 1st battalion, that way I can narrow it down to maybe find some of those men. My Dad passed away in 2003. Thanks!

    • I was with the 1/1 Armd Cav on Hawk Hill 67/68. There is a web site good info about Hawk Hill from that time period. There is also a book Search and Destroy by Keith Nolan about the 1/1 Armored Cav 67/68.
      You may be able to get his military records from the VA, that would narrow the search.
      He could have been in either the 198 th..or I think 196th Infantry, they were in the area. If he was stationed on Hawk Hill….he may have been with the 1/1 Cav…good luck

  6. looking for anyone who knows of criteria that a infantry man would receive a aircraft crewman’s badge in Vietnam, someone mention about so many combat flights.

    • Looking for anyone who knows Timothy Williams aka tiny he was in 1-1 cal at that time he would have been there same time you have list if you remember him call my husband which is Tim’s son trying to help him find people so please call Bert at 763-647-8321 thank you for your time

  7. I have pictures of us co.c 1/46 196 digging the first trenches I believe at bunker 2 on mary ann also lz judy note on judy helicopter on side judy still burning I believe it was ahuey I forgot about it till I these pictures these photes and others in the que-son valley on the side and around lz west lz professional chu lai tamkey etc sept 69-sept70 view on the history page under pictures and slide-show vietnam

    • I am W. A. Lee, Sgt HHC LZ Pro LZ Maryann Nov 69 to Oct 70. I saw some of the casualties from the chinook crash on LZ Judy and a lot of other stuff I didn’t want to see. I would like to know if you know where I might find some pics of the 200+ montagnards that came up on LZ Maryanne end of June or first part of July ’70. Get back to me if you have any questions.

    • Dale – I was there from 1/2/71 to 4/7/71. 91B and worked in the ER as a shift supervisor. Came to B Co. fron 2/1 Infantry. Went on convoy to Dong Ha and back. Have been in touch with a lifer named Bill Affholter a few years ago in Tacoma, WA near where I live. Would be glad to here from you. Post an email or # fro me to contact you. Scott Smith

      • Scott, I served my whole Viet Nam time with 2/1 Inf. That was September, 1970-October, 1971. I was a medic with C Company most of the time and worked out of the HHC 2/1 aid station from June-October, 1971 when I deros’ed.

  8. My Dad, Robert Piggee, served from 1969-71 (Army). He was born in North Little Rock, AR, but left in the 60s; and was living in Chicago, IL (when he was drafted). I believe his tenure in Vietnam was 1970-71. He’s very interested in finding any of his old friends. He’s not computer literate, so I’ve been digging for him. Unfortunately, all he can give me is that he was in the 506 Transportation (Infantry) unit. Any information at all would be tremendously appreciated! Thanks!

  9. Looking for anyone who was at LZ Bronco 11th LIB. March and April 1969, Also anyone who was at LZ Baldy or Center May 69 to Dec 69 Need info ????

  10. I am trying to find out exactly how my fiancée Pfc. Daniel Lee was with the
    He was killed October 3, 1968 in Quang Tin Province, South Vietnam.
    If anyone knew him and knows anything I beg you please post here I am bookmarking this page. I have never married as he was the only man I ever loved. I stopped living on October 10, 1968 and I can’t move on as my heart is so empty without him. Please help me understand how he was killed, my dad said I really did not need to know but I do. I am now 63 and my heart aches the same as it did then.

    • I know how you feel lost my own brother in67 I was there in 69 lost over 15 guys in my unit I know he would want you to move on with your life

      • I can’t when he died I died and now at the ripe old age of 63 I have a terminal lung disease that is genetic, and I just need to know what happened before I finally go to be with him at long last. I will finally be with the only man I ever loved and at last will be happy.

        • Well I have returned home after spending a week in Norfolk re-visiting our old places those that remain anyway. My sister had to take me and she sat in her car while I sat on my walker and talked to Danny. His family never believed I loved him and I wish I could find them just to let them know they were wrong. My family keep begging me to stop torturing myself but it isn’t torture to me. The torture is never having the chance of the life together we both so desperately to have.

          I place his Christmas flowers shed the end of this year’s tears and came home. I said “I still Love You and Miss You. Merry Christmas My Love.” Then came home to my aide who had my oxygen concentrator ready with my Bi-Pap attached.

          Merry Christmas to all of and to all of those we all lost.

          • Ms. Carolyn. My name is Jill Johnson. I came across your post here and felt I had to try to find some information for you. I have a father who served in Vietnam in 1970 and fortunately for me he made it home. (I was born in 1975). I am so sorry your loved one did not make it. I scoured the internet using your finacee’s battalion/company/infantry information and found the following at

            “3 Oct 68. Operations continued with D/1-52 replacing B/1-52 in a two company search of Hill 269 with A/1-52 vic BT158162. A squad ambush near D/1-52 night perimeter suffered 1 KIA (killed) and 8 WIA (wounded) at 0030 when 16 mortar rounds and incoming SAF was received (small arms fire?).”

            He was the one killed by the ambush at their perimeter just after midnight. I hope this helps with some of the answers you’ve been looking for. Your eternal love for PFC Lee is awe-inspiring.

            Good luck and God bless you.


    • Carolyn, Quang Tin Provence was a really hard place to survivre, 1969-1972. I was with Delta Co, 2/1 bat, 196 bn. We worked all Quang Tin and it was tough. I can only tell you, anyone who served there was a hero, and you need to accept that as fact and slowly move on with your life. You have the same feelings as the ones who survived. We do not know why, but we forge forward. Stevie d

        • My thanks to all you for your posts and your research Jill. I wish I could go on but I still feel dead inside. I know its hard for most to understand but Danny was my true soul mate and I have been able to move on.

          I keep roaming the net looking for more information on the attack and exactly where he was killed.

        • Glen, I was a medic with 2/1 Inf. from Sept, 1970-Oct, 1971. I spent most of my time with Charlie Company until June, 1971. I was at the 2/1 aid station after that until deros in Oct, 1971. Platoon Sgt Richardson, Lt. Amos and Dr. (Capt) Baccus are some of the people I remember from the aid station. If I remember correctly you were from Nebraska.

  11. Hi everybody

    I am Pietro Lombardi, a graduate student at American University.

    I am contributing with my classmates to “The Wall of Faces” project. It is a Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund’s project, to give a face and a story to each American soldier who died in Vietnam.

    I am trying to find a photo of Richard Alan Aaron.

    I know that he was assigned as a flight surgeon to the 123rd Combat Aviation Battalion, 16th Aviation Group, 23rd Infantry “Americal” Division.

    He died on 2/6/1971

    Can you help me find a photo of him or contact people who knew him?

    This is a link to the project:

    Thank you very much

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Best regards

    Pietro Lombardi

  12. I am the daughter of SGT 1st class Robert H Wescott Jr. and my father was killed in Tay Nihn April 29.1969. He was in the US Army 16 years and served in Korea as well as 2 tours of Vietnam. I am looking for people who were with him in 1966 HHC 2nd Bn 8th Inf 4th Inf Division and then 1st Bn 8th Cav(Jumping Mustangs)from Dec 1968-April 1969.My father was in Fort Lewis, WA from 1960-1964. :LZ Wescott was named after him . I would like to hear from anyone who can tell me more about him since I died when I was a small child.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Krysteen Wescott

  13. I was with B btry 3Btn 18th Artillery ( ammo section) Aug. 1967 to Aug. 1968 Looking for any old buddies from my unit. B 3/18 had an online association, but it was run into the ground by out old president. Charles was from A battery a few years before me and is now deceased. The handle Captain in my e-mail was not from the army. It is from 30 yrs in law enforcement where I live!

    • David–I was on LZ Ross with B battery during the same period in FDC. Living in Seatte, WA. Still in touch with some of the guys, James Stapler (Alabama), Dale Hutson (St. Louis), however I believe they came later. I was with 3/18 from Feb 68 to May 69

  14. I am looking for anyone that served with spec Joseph mcguckin in Vietnam. He was in the 198th lib he was killed in quang ngai in October 1970.

  15. I’m Trying to contact the Historian – Leslie Hines to try and obtain After Action Reports etc., that I understand are available on DVD. If anyone could help me with this I would be appreciative.

  16. I am trying to find my brothers, we trained together in Chu-Lai x 2wks then sent to DaNang in 1971. We were in 1st Battallion 46th Infantry (Americal Division) Charlie Company. My brothers Gary Cockrell,Weston Tedeau ,Alan Little, Danny Ferguson, John Groff, Melvin Smoots, Danny Bishop, Ronald Schexnayder, Lee Parsons, Rodney Ryan, Raymond Hanisco; our medic Kowalski…if anyone knows them or of them- please contact me. A part of me I left with them and I will not be whole until I find them.

    • Mr. Rocha, there is a Daniel L Bishop on my uncles Unit Orders,
      RA11707121 to be upgraded to /Spec 4, HHC 1st Bn 46th Inf, Mos 63B20. 21st September 1968 if that helps you.

  17. My father, Steven Rucker, served in the 26th ENGR BN Americal DIV, USARV, inducted 9/24/68. He was in Chu Lai Vietnam. He passed away a couple of years ago. At that time, it was too difficult for me (emotionally) to try to piece together some of his history. Am trying to do so now. Have received his medals from the government, but that’s about as much info as I have, as he rarely would talk about his service. Looking for any history for that location/time of service. Thank you, and please forgive my ignorance. Thank you all for your service!

    • Hello my father knew a SGT Rucker that was his platoon SGT and that he helped him during his tour. He said he does not remember his first name and would have to see a photo.

    • i served with a Sgt. Rucker in chu lai e co 26th engineers somewhere between oct 70 and oct 71.. a pic of him about that time would help ..i may have a pic also

    • My brother in law, Scott giguiere, served in the 1/6 during thar time period. He was injured in Jan or February of 1970. Trying to find someone who knew him.

    • jvictor1234@bellsouth.netjohn victor
      on April 23, 2015 at 15:43 said:
      I am john victor. I was with the unit from july 69-may 70.I ran the mortar (4th platoon)..I am going to give you a face book page for what is mostly 3rd platoon. They are having a reunion june 24-26 in Columbus,Ga.
      I am available to e mail or talk at almost anytime.
      I did haul the 81 to hill 270 a few times. They had a quad 50..
      Sorry about grammar but in a rush.
      Feel free to get back to me.
      Best regards,
      john Savannah,ga

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      john victor
      on April 23, 2015 at 15:52 said:
      Getting old-

      Co. B 1/6th Inf. 198th LIB Americal Div.

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      john victor
      on April 23, 2015 at 16:11 said:

  18. trying to find out about reunion..1st batt b company 1/6 198 inf..think i have it write.My brother was a medic in vietnam with 198 b co would like to attend reunion in 2014 need info please..i would like to add Thank you fot the service you gave…Just heard about Feb 7th thru 11th..God Bless You..

    • I was in B- 1/6 4th platoon 1970-71, remember the medic well but never learned his name, we all just called him Doc. Think he was from California.

    • john victor
      on April 23, 2015 at 15:43 said:
      I am john victor. I was with the unit from july 69-may 70.I ran the mortar (4th platoon)..I am going to give you a face book page for what is mostly 3rd platoon. They are having a reunion june 24-26 in Columbus,Ga.
      I am available to e mail or talk at almost anytime.
      I did haul the 81 to hill 270 a few times. They had a quad 50..
      Sorry about grammar but in a rush.
      Feel free to get back to me.
      Best regards,
      john Savannah,ga

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      john victor
      on April 23, 2015 at 15:52 said:
      Getting old-

      Co. B 1/6th Inf. 198th LIB Americal Div.

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      john victor
      on April 23, 2015 at 16:11 said:

        • My Father Sgt Juan Ramirez jr was on LZ Professional and LZ Mary Ann. He left late August of 1970. He was in the 1/46 196th either Bravo or Charlie company. His Capt was Captain Bradley/Bradly if that rings a bell to anyone.
          My email is would love to see if anyone remembers my old man and if anyone has any pics.


          • That would be Co. B. I arrived in Co. B in June 1970. Bradley left before the first of July. I will send you an e-mail. A few of us are still around.

          • Admin. I just looked for you email and dont recall ever recieving it. Sorry i have a short memory at times. Would love to hear from you.
            is there any way to post pics on here btw?

          • I was the supply specialist from June until August when the ammo bunker; collapsed on me. I was medi vac to chu lai and then to hosp 249 in japan. do not remember faces but remember a remirez helping fill sand bags for the ammo bunker

          • I remember a Ramirez. A machinegunner, nicknamed “Indio”. He was wounded west of LZ Maryanne and evacuated I think in August of ’70.
            I am W.A. Lee Sgt HHC Vietnam ’69 ’70 LZ Professional & LZ Maryanne.

  19. I was 2Plt, Charlie Company 1/20, 11Bde OPCON to 198th and to C Troop, 1-1 Cav on
    September 25, 1971

    . At 1500hrs Charlie Company 1-1 Calvary at BT044391 while on move to Night Defense Position spotted 105mm artillery around with pressure type detonator, was blown in place. At 1800hrs Charlie Company at BT060390, while CROSSING A STREAM AT A VILLE with Charlie Troop 1-1 Cav detonated unknown type of booby trap (homemade) with the results of 6 US WIA (E) … Dust Off was completed at 1908hrs. Charlie Company reports SGT Michael J. Holien, SP4 Lenny R. Russell, SP4 Nick E, Rodriguez and PFC Orrin V. Johnson were attached to the 95th Evac Hospital. … WHO were the TWO 1-1 Cav WHA? A 2LT and his RTO. Please contact me. Thanks and God bless

  20. I would like access to any command chronologies or other history to pinpoint what the 198th was doing in April of 1969 (A company, 1 Battalion)

    Craig Blackman

  21. I was with 1st bn 18th inf Big Red One A co from nov 67 to nov 68. I was a medic. Im looking for anyone from my co or bn to contact me. The names and the faces are gone from my memory but what I saw and did has not. because I was a medic I have a lot of sad memorys. In dec 67 we were doing security for a fire base on hwy 13. One nite a bn of vc and regulars tried to overrun us. We were mortared first then using torpedoes they got through the barb wire. because of the armoured unit with us we were able to repulse them.That nite a fellow medic was seriously wounded and I kept him alive till he was evac. We became good friends when we met in Texas for training. We had one thing in common and that was we were not American citizens. Im Canadian and he is Mexican. I sure wish to contact him if possible. He was sent home because of his wounds and I never saw him again. that nite is forever in my memory. can anyone help me. my email is

  22. im a vet from Afghanistan but im looking for my father his name is Kenny Owen and he was in the 666 transportation unit if you know anything about this unit could you let me know. He knows a couple of the guys names but hasn’t talked to them in a while and was also wondering if there was a reunion for this unit

      • ‘box car bird’ I think you mean the chinook that crashed with 5 aboard? That would be Feb 6 , 1971, I remember because it’s my birthday. I was cleaning my 16 when we heard the crash on the other side of LZ Siberia.
        cheers, Jess Lopatynski . Squad leader, ‘alpha battalion’
        4-31, 196 inf. brigade

    • Gary, this is Mike Twomey. I was the battery commander of Charlie Battery and with it Siberia from the first week of May through the end of October, 1970, which covers a good part of the time you were there. I was looking for something else on this website and found your note completely by accident. Doubt you will come back to find this response, but if you do you should go to the Americal Facebook and check in there. Best regards, Mike Twomey

  23. I was with the 196th LIB, 4th/31st, Charlie Company from June 1970 to Dec 1970 then rotating to an MP outfit at Hawk Hill…I’m looking for a guy who served with the 4th/31st, Charlie Company who was nicknamed “Crazy John.” Don’t recall his last name. I think he was from Texas but not 100% sure. He came in country and was attached to the unit either in late June or early July 1970. If by chance you see this John please get back with me. If anyone from this unit and time frame remembers “Crazy John,” please make contact with me. I’ve been looking for him off and on for about 30 years with no luck…..

  24. hello and thank you all vets for your service WELCOME HOME… I am looking for anyone that served with my uncle sgt. Donald Sidwell he was with Co B 1/46th 198 LIB 67-69 was in Tet of “68″ got malaria. During dust off chopper was shot down was told he was the only survivor. would like to make contact with anybody that knew him.

    • I knew a Sgt. Don Sidwell while I was in Vietnam. He was from Chicago, Arlington Heights I think. Could this be the same guy?

        • The Sgt. Sidwell I knew, I’m sure lived in Arlington Heights. He was in his early twenties in 1968. His father was a Plastic Surgeon and he had lost his wife in a car accident before he was drafted. Just want to be sure we’re talking about the same guy…

  25. Hi, my Name is Derick, I had a cousin who was in the 1st battalion 9th marines who was killed in Vietnam and I was trying to find out if you have any info about him. He grew up with my Mother in Gillette Arkansas and his name was Edward William Charles, he was a Lance corporal and his mos was a rifleman if that helps. He was killed June 18th 1969 in Quang Nam, I am much younger, I wasnt born when he was killed so any info or help in finding out more about him would be great and also Thank you for serving our country

  26. I was with HHC, 16th Combat Aviation Group, Chu Lai, May 71-Nov 71 when they stood down at which point I went to 101st Airborne. My twin brother, also a 101st vet and I are trying to restore a monument to american and British veterans of WWI at Brox Community College.

    are trying to raise funds to help restore a monument to veterans on the campus of Bronx Community College in NY City. This monument has a Civil War Dictator Mortar, 2 WW1 captured German artillery pieces, and a Brisitsh Naval deck gun on site which are in dire need of repair. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Donations are tax deductible and can be sent to the following address:

    Bronx Community College
    Attn: Fort No. 8/Monument Hill Restoration Fund
    Bronx Community College
    2155 University Avenue, PH 37
    Bronx, NY 10453

    You can email me with any questions, we also have a Facebook page with pictures of the cannons.

    Moderator, please delete if this is not appropriate but it is for veterans.

  27. I was assigned to the 3rd / 82nd Artillery in August 1970 and would like to contact anyone who served with me especially my RTOs. I had many different assignments. My first assignment was battalion motor officer at Hawk Hill, where I oversaw the dreaded CMMI. After my son was born in late September I was shipped out to B 1st 52nd (198th BDE) to replace the forward observer killed when the CP unit was decimated by a booby trap west of Quang Ngai in early October. After 3 weeks I was pulled back to serve as Battalion Ammo Officer shipping sling loads of 105 ammo out to firebases in the Son Valley for a week or two. Then I was pulled of there to take a platoon of M102 105s from A Battery to the ROK marine camp west of Hoi An when the rest of the Battery got socked in by the monsoon on Siberia or Marry Ann. I finally got a real job about a week later when I was assigned as the Artillery Liaison Officer (LNO) to the 2nd of the 1st Infantry. I stayed with 2/1 until I derosed in late May 1971. While with 2/1 we bounced from Hawk Hill to Baldy to Shirley in the Antennae Valley, to Marge SE of LZ east to Apha 2 north of Cam Lo on the DMZ to a hill between LZ Shepherd and Khe Sahn on QL9 during the Lam Son 719 debacle and ended up on LZ Nancy (Marine Hardcore?) west of Hoi Ann.

    • I was a medic with C 2/1 Inf, 196th LIB and our tours closely coincided. Your travelogue is very similar to mine. Thanks, Redlegs, in your battalion and others, for accurate and timely support. It was nice knowing you were there.

  28. I was in Co. C 1/46 196-198 Americal Division Sept-69-SEPT-70 AO LZ professional-LZ judy-LZmary ann-Que-Son valley and other areas we were grunts what more can you say it was tough.

    • I would like to talk to bob rodriguez he was in co.c 1/46 196 americal he was assistant to emamuel dick who was a machine gunner they were best of friends we got ambushed aug 5 where emauel was kia we got hit again aug 8 the platoon in front of us was getting chewed up 3 machine gunner 2 medics our lt 9 days in field all and more killed and wounded ??? it was really bad the call for another machine gunner came back I was bob”s sergent he went up to the killing zone and survived he did not do it for the $300 salary he got a month he did because it was the right thing to do for his friends and his bob is a hero and I am possibly the only on to know this and he most likely do not realize this bob lived in new mexico I would like for him and his family to know this because the real hero are most of the time are unknown

  29. I was in co b 2/1 196 when we took over hawkhill as our LZ. It had just been Over run by the vc. I think in august. June 69-70

      • My cousin, Cpl Eugene Paul Clark was killed in ambush on Hawk Hill on August 12,1969.

        Do you remember him Kenny Long?

        • I am not sure if I remember him, the name does sound familiar.
          I was wounded pretty bad that night and was later shipped to Japan to the burn center.

  30. I’m looking for Wilbur L Lee, Major and LTC Thomas J Ambrose from The First Battalion 6th Infantry Nov. 1969-Dec. 1971.

    • I was also researching a LtCol Wilbur L Lee and found your message. If he is the same person, sadly, I have to tell you that he passed away in 1995.

      I am researching the veterans cemetery where he is buried: Central Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetery. The LtCol Lee buried there was born in 1935, was a former Corporal, USMC, and served during Korea and Vietnam.

    • Major Lee — who retired as LTC in 1978 at Ft. McCoy, Wisconsin — died in 1995 in a work-related vehicle accident. I’m his son, now living in Florida.

      Chuck Lee

      • Sorry for the delay with response. If you are his son, please let me tell you thank you for your dad. I have a certificate hanging on my wall signed by him and from the stories I’ve been told growing up, he left part of his honeymoon to attend my grandmother’s funeral because of what my grandmother did for the unit while they were in Vietnam.
        I’m very sorry for his loss. I would love to talk sometime. I can share a picture of the certificate with you to verify where I’m coming from. I am just trying to put a picture to a man’s face who I never met but meant so much to my family for his actions.
        I hope to hear from you.

  31. Anyone that were in 123rd Avn Bn. 123rd Sig. Bn. or 1/46th 196th LIB. I served in those Battalions from August 1970-1971

    • I also was with the 123 Avn Bn.HHC, I was there from Oct. 70 to april 71. I was 84C MO PIC PHOTO. After that I was transferred to 525 military police out of Saigon as a motion and still photographer. Thank You for serving I know that you are not told that much. Tom Pearson 84 c mo pic photo

  32. Chu Lai 723rd Maint Bn CoA Generator Mechanic June 18 1969 — June 18 1970. Roomed with looking for Jackson, Rollins, Clark all in Generator Shop. Im looking for Lt Weil, Lt Weltner, Sgt Stroup, Sgt Curry, and other Generator Shop men. Vetter, Higgins, Parker, Mac. Im very active on Americal Facebook page check it out. I have some answers regarding PTSD and Agent Orange disabilities. I am recently 100% for both issues. Please Reply.

    • It’s been 44 years and I have never been able to talk with anyone from the 723rd Would love to hear from anyone that was there


        • I was with the service and evac group in the 723rd maintenance btln 68-69, and a assistant driver of one of our M88′s when they sunk that M88. I was not with them that day, but on call as backup.


    • I was at Chu Lai with the 196th do you remember you missing a generator (run way lights) I beleive it wound up on Baldy or Center

  33. I was at Hawk Hill August, 1970 to April, 1971, then went to DaNang when the 196th. was relocated and Hawk Hill closed down. Co. A 23 S&T Btn. forward support group.
    looking for Lt. David Walden, Lt. Frank Boland, Robert Barbarissi, James Henderson
    or Roger Brinker.

  34. Hi and welcome home all vets. My older brother James S.Outterbridge was in Nam,August 1969 to August 1970. I believe he was with Supply and Ordinance
    265 Hq Americal 1st Div. or VO or Uo 813 or HHT 1st squad 1st Cav. I would appreciate if anyone remebers and can help,I am trying to help my brother get help for P.T.S.D. service connection.We are from Phila Pa. and I can be reaced at 215-877-1963 or my cell 215-882-4920. Thank you so much God Bless you all and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    • Was at Hawk Hill a lot at that time. Echo and then Charlie Co. Was our rear area. Did a lot of guard duty there and seen a lot of Tam Ki. That was our stand down area.have lots of pics from there. July 70-71

      • Landed on Hawk Jan 3,1970 an Left nov 25th 1970,generatorman,litter carrier,ambulance an convoy driver,pulled lotta guard duty,proud to have been with 23rd med ,196th ,Americal my whole tour(That Others May Live) was our Motto.Saw sapper attacks an Rockets plus a few bullets driven down rt 1.The rats were big,the agent orange was there alive an well,got Malaria an Hepatitus with a Dash of Jungle fever.I’m just glad its over an i made it.

    • I was at Hawk Hill from Late August, 1970 to April, 1971 when all moved to DaNang. Co. A 23 S&T Batt. Forward Support Group. Ran ration breakdown, POL and Graves registratioin.

  35. I served with the 1/6inf, 198th, how can I find Americal Div special orders, so I can obtain a Bronz Star I never received before I left country in 1968?

    • I just found this site, realize it has been some time since you wrote about getting your bronze star. Did you write to National Personnel Records Center, 1 Archives Dr., St Louis, MO 63138
      Hope it helps, and if you got it great

  36. I was in Nam in 69-70.I was with C company 4/3 11 Brigade. I was a Point man for 3rd platoon for 6 months.Doe’s anyone remember me.

  37. am trying to find enough info to get my CIB. can anyone advise .tried records at st. louis didnt get much help. was in 2nd plt co.b 5/46th 198 lib co was capt. schoep.advise please

    • Tim,

      Just got my CIB last Sept. 14, I ran across someone who got one the same day. My name was on his orders. I got a copy and had my DD214 changed. Three months later. Good luck.

    • I once knew your brother Rex. Is he okay? I’m not online very much as life is so hectic now. Please respond when time permits.

  38. was in vietnam 1967 into 1969 . lost best friend during tet offensive. am trying to get time lines while there. any info appriciated. 26th engineers at chulai.

  39. Would like to know if anyone knew PFC Rodney Engel of C co. 2/1 196th LIB in Quang Nam Province, Vietnam. Rod died 8-18-1969. Would appreciate any info about that day. I knew him thru his whole life in Doniphan, Ne. I too was in Vietnam, Quang Tri Province, 1967.

  40. Echo Co. 5/46th 198LIB Still looking for “country Bob Lawler” – lots of the old platoon in contact with each other. If you run across this, E-mail me!

  41. I was with Task Force Oregon, and in advance party to set up classified message center in Chu Lai in 1967. Was NCOIC, and was also the classified courier.

  42. I was with the 39th combat engr HHC in country 6/67-7/68 I was with the group who first setup Battallion Headquarters on the back side of MAC 12 airbase. In Jan of 68 I was transfered to Company D 39th combat Engr just north of Quan Nhai at LZ Baldi were we covered one side of the LZ and a company of the 196 Lt inf company covered the otherside of the LZ. I would love to hear from anyone who was with either companies during that period. It was a hoping time that’s for sure.

    • Just found your posting. I don’t remember much about time in Nam. I was over there from March ’67 to March ’68. I was transferred from Co B, 39th Engr Bn to Co D, 26th Engr Bn on 12-26-67. Hope to hear from you.

  43. It’s been 41 years since I came home and put things aside and away. It would be nice to hear from anyone who was in the 59th scout dog platoon in Chu Lai 1970 / 1971.

    Gus A. Gonzalez

    • My dad Gregory Strauch was in the 59th Scout dog. I know they called my dad Stretch because most people couldn’t pronounce his last name. His dog’s name was Andor.

  44. Would like to hear from anyone who served with Ray in
    Vietnam in 1970/71. Ray was seriously wounded and lost
    both legs in a land mine incident. He passed away in 2007.
    Please reply……..Thanks and God Bless……..

  45. I was in Nam in 71, 723 maint. bat. I heard there is no sign of where
    the Americal Div. was located in Chu Lai.

    • It depends on what you mean. The Chu Lai air base is now a commercial airport. Many of the old roads in the division areas are open to traffic although the buildings and facilities are no longer there.

    • I would like to talk with anyone that was in 723rd For 44 years I never found anyone that was in this unit I have alot of memories, sometimes I wonder if they are real…………like the papa san that was the barber and was shooting rockets at us at night or Battalion XO Major Ely that got a little piece of shrapnel just under his forearm, went nuts in the bunker and got a Purple Heart

      • hello i was with the 723rd from 70 t0 72, i drove trucks and made the run to danang a couple times a week. i was with them until the typhon tore chu lai up and was sent to danang

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