Membership Information

Veterans of the Americal Division and the 23rd Infantry Division are cordially invited to join the ADVA.

Benefits of ADVA Membership

uncle samThere are many benefits of membership in the Americal Division Veterans Association.

-Comradeship through meeting and participating in activities with other Americal veterans.
-News and historical stories in the Americal Journal magazine
-Scholarship awards for children and grandchildren of ADVA members (including deceased members)
-Legacy program memorials in honor of Americal Division members
-Locating buddies through locator requests
-On-line information about current events and activities and ADVA programs
-Access to database of historical records related to the Americal Division

Membership is open to veterans of the Americal Division and 23rd Infantry Division from World War II (1942-1945), the Cold War (1954-1956), and the Vietnam War (1967-1971). Eligibility also includes veterans of Task Force 6814 (WWII) and those who served with Task Force Oregon (Vietnam). You may join without regard to branch of service, rank, length of assignment, or assigned duties. Limited associated memberships are also available.

The Americal family is your family. You have helped create the great traditions and history of the Americal Army Division. We need you and welcome you! If you have any questions about membership in the ADVA feel free to contact one of the officers.