Vietnam War Document Extract Compilations

Mr. Les Hines, ADVA Vietnam Historian, has created a compilation of extractions of printed material found in several resources.  This material includes news reports of various named units in the Americal Division.  The index below names each unit for which a compilation of extracts is available.  Some of these compilations are hundreds of pages long and cover the unit for its entire time in Vietnam.  Additions and modifications to this section may be posted at any time.


Aviation Units

176th AHC

71st AHC

174th AHC

178th ASHC

B, 123d Aviation

A, 123d Aviation

132nd ASHC

Artillery Units

1/14th Artillery

1/82nd Artillery

3/16th Artillery

3/18th Artillery

3/82nd Artillery

6/11th Artillery

Btry G, 55th Artillery

6/56th Artillery

Cavalry Units

1/1st Cavalry Squadron (Armor)

Trp E, 1/1 Cavalry (Armor)

Tpr F, 17th Cavalry (Armor)

Trp H, 17th Cavalry (Armor)

Trp D, 1/1st Cavalry (Air)

Trp F, 8th Cavalry (Air)

Infantry Units

1/6th Infantry

1/20th Infantry

1/46th Infantry

1/52nd Infantry

2/1st Infantry

3/1st Infantry

3/21st Infantry

4/3rd Infantry

4/21st Infantry

4/31st Infantry

5/46th Infantry

Additional Units

723rd Maintenance

23rd Military Police

Co. G, 75th Rangers

23rd Supply and Transportation

523rd Signal

6th Support

8th Support

9th Support

26th Engineer

9th USMC Engineer

19th Engineer

39th Engineer