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World War II

Americal Locator for World War II. This covers the period of activation of Task Force 6418 and the Americal Division in 1942 to 1945.  Send your locator request to Gary Noller at  Locator requests do not automatically post.  Updates are made from time to time on an irregular basis.  If you have an immediate need let me know and I will post as soon as possible.Last update on April 24, 2024
Looking for: Information about my father. He served in PTO from June 1945 to Aug 1945 in the Americal and was transferred to the 720th MP Battalion upon the surrender of the Japanese. He was on the War Tribunal Police. But I don’t know what unit he was assigned to within the Americal Division while on Luzon and in Manila. Can anyone assist? Contact: Dan Storm;

Looking for: Information. My dad’s uncle, Ruch, Chester E 37135244 PFC in Americal Division, apparently KIA during battle for Galloping Horse on 12 January 1943. Looking for circumstances of death. Family had letters from him when he was at New Caledonia before shipping to Guadalcanal. Fiddle player of local renown at home. All around good guy, missed greatly by our family’s preceding generation. I looked in vain thru the official Americal book covering Americal Division combat actions. Contact: Jarold Ruch;

Looking for: Any information (rank, branch, unit) about Rodman W. Reilly. He served 1941-1946 and died on active duty. He was enlisted 1941-1943, then commissioned. His widow, my aunt, is 100 now and recalls the Americal as his unit as well as service in New Caledonia and Australia. All records were lost in the 1973 NARA fire except for his honorable discharge as a Sergeant to accept a commission. Contact: Tom O’Sullivan;

Looking for: Info on this veteran, my father, who died April 6, 2016. He served in the Asiatic Pacific, won three Bronze Stars, a Combat Infantryman Badge on March 3, 1944, and a Good Conduct Medal. He was discharged July 11, 1945. He was in Company F, 182nd Infantry, Americal Division. He was a clerk typist 405. Trying to find out why he earned those awards. Contact: Linda Rando Frank;

Looking for: Info on SSgt Garcia, Marcelino F., who served with the Americal Division on Guadalcanal and many other islands in the South Pacific during WW2. He was active from 15 Oct 1941 to 11 Sep 1945. I would like mainly his unit (Company/Regiment).Contact: Vicente Suarez;

Looking for: Information about Lester Grenlin of Oslo, Minnesota. I believe he was a cousin of my mother. I understand had been in the North Dakota National Guard for a few years prior to Pearl Harbor and went to Guadalcanal. I don’t know where else he served after Guadalcanal. Following the war he did a couple of stints as a smokejumper and also trained Chinese paratroopers for the CIA in Formosa in the early 50s. He eventually settled into a career as a lineman for various power companies. Our family is trying to find out more about what he did and where he served. Contact: Neil Fagerstrom;

Looking for: Any wartime information on my father, Anthony J. D’Elia, from Ambler, PA. He was an MP with the Americal Division from 1943-1945 and fought on Bougainville, Cebu, and Leyte Gulf before arriving in Japan following the atomic bomb drops on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Contact: Joe D’Elia;

Looking for: Any information regarding my grandfather Claude Willis (CW) Lee from Kentucky. He was in 132nd Infantry, Company E. He was killed April 19, 1945 during a battle on Cebu. Contact: Jason Givens;

Looking for: Info on my dad, Leslie N. Gross Jr, who served with the Americal division on Guadalcanal and many other Islands in the South Pacific during WW2. He was eventually evacuated due to severe malaria. Contact: Les Gross;

Looking for: Information on my father, Samuel Carl Starling, who was in a field artillery battalion of the Americal Division. He was on Guadalcanal, Bouganville, and Philippines. Contact: William Starling;

Looking for: Information on PFC Boyd Lee Anderson 164th Infantry from NC died March 1, 1945 “on Leyte” according to his sister. Contact: Kevin White;

Looking for: Information on Harold Fulk. He served in the 164th infantry division beginning in 1942. Contact: Harold Fulk;

Looking for: Information on my grandfather, T/CPL Theodore St. LLaurent, veteran of the 182nd Inf. Regt. in WW2, 1941-1945. I have photos of him and his WW2 Ike jacket. Contact: David St. Laurent;

Looking for: Information about my grandfather, Howard Donald West, who served during WWII during the Cebu Campaign in March 1945. I have records stating his involvement assigned to the Americal Division in a company with 42 other riflemen to defend supply chains in the San Bernadino Straits. He was a rifleman enlisted in 25 July 1944 attached to the 182nd Infantry Regiment. He earned his Combat Infantryman Badge 13 March 1945. He was originally from Fresno, California, and enlisted in San Francisco. He left the service honorably in 1949 after demobilization orders were given. Contact: MSgt Howard Dwayne West II;

Looking for: Information on my grandfather who served in Americal Division in WWII. I know he received a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. He was 1st Lt William T. Plummer Sr., Anti Tank Commander 1524, 221st Field Artillery Battalion. Contact: Jonathan Plummer;

Looking for: Information about my father, Ronald Sandvik, 182nd Infantry, Co. G, Americal Div. I am certain he was stationed in Yokohama with US occupation forces at the end of the war. Contact: Ron Sandvik;

Looking for: Information about my father, Anthony “Hap” Hagopian. He was a Staff Sergeant out of the Nation Guard in Boston in WWII. Contact: John Hagopian;

Looking for: My fathers military records with the Americal Division in the South Pacific in WW2. He was awarded the Bronze Star with a V and an Oakleaf. I am looking for the official citations involved. He was 1LT Thomas J Burbine D.O.B July 3, 1918. Contact: Mark S Burbine;

Looking for: Information on my father, Paul Fred Ihlenfeld, a machine gunner in the Americal Division. He fought at the Battle of Nip Gap on Bouganville. Contact: Daniel Ihlenfeld;, 619-647-1945

Looking for information regarding my grandfather, Carlos B. “Corky” Barton, G Co., 182nd Infantry, on Bougainville and in the Philippines. He was an infantry squad leader and mustered out as a Staff Sgt. Contact: Name: James Barton;

Looking for some photo’s of my father. His name was Thomas Paul Baum – he went by TP. He served in the Americal Division driving trucks on Feb 3, 1943. He was 23 years old. Discharged 10 Jan 1946. He was from Altoona, PA. Fingers crossed here – really hoping someone has something. Contact: Romaine A Butterbaugh;


Looking for: Information on my great-uncle, Sgt. George K Galloway Jr. He would’ve been in the HQ Battery, 247th Field Artillery, from Guadalcanal through the Philippines. He received the Bronze Star for his actions on Bougainville around the time of the battle for Hill 260. Contact: Will Galloway;

Looking for: Information on WWII officer. My father was in the Americal Division WW2 182nd Infantry Regiment. I am curious about a Lieutenant Colonel Everett Mersereau from this Regiment. American Battle Monuments Commission says he died and that he is listed missing in action unrecoverable. I seek any information on this officer. Contact: John Souza;

Looking for: Information about my uncle who was in Co. B, 164th Infantry Regiment. His name was Anthony More , PFC, Serial # 34548290 any information would be greatly appreciated on his combat service. Contact: William York;

Looking for: Information about my uncle Lloyd Orville Krueger. He was in Company C, 132nd infantry in 1943-45. When i was in high school he would talk about his experiences -he never mentioned the battles he was in. I do know he. was on some island battles plus the Philippines – later Japan. His discharge papers said Northern Solomons and Southern Philippines. What I would like to know is: 1, where can I find info on where Company C participated, 2. where I can find info on him (he made staff sergeant & received the bronze star. Contact: Gene De Groot;

Looking for: Information about my uncle Robert. He was with Company G, 182nd Infantry on Guadalcanal as a rifleman. He was overseas from January 1942 to June 1943. Contact: Russ Brady;

Looking for: Information about my grandfather Leo Knoff. He was in the Americal Division in WWII. He was always in and was not a replacement; he fought in Guadalcanal, Banika, Philippines, and many others. I have all his medals and some pictures. Contact: Alec Knoff;

Looking for: Information on action involving my father, Thomas A. Savage. He was a 1st Lieutenant when he went to the South Pacific after OCS training. He was a replacement in the Americal Division arriving in the South Pacific sometime between late November 1943 and early January 1944. He was wounded on January 20, 1944. He made it back to the states in April after the amputation of his arm had difficulty healing. I’m trying to learn more about the details on the day he was wounded. I’m specifically trying to determine the company he was in. Based on details in the book “Orchids In The Mud” he was most likely with company B, F, or G but I’m not certain. His Army documentation doesn’t state any detail about what part of the Americal Division he was in. I’m hoping you can help. Contact: Dan Savage;

Looking for: Information about Alvin Judice. He was my great grandfather and was in 182nd Inf., Co. C. Contact: Justin Lambert;

Looking for: Information about my father. He was a corporal in Co. D, 132nd Infantry. I wondered where I could find more information regarding his time in the service. Contact: David See;

Looking for: Information on my deceased father, Jose P. Pacheco, who fought at Bougainville, Luzon, Guadalcanal, Leyte Pass, and during the occupation of Japan, etc. He was awarded a Silver Star and Bronze Star and other commendations for his service. He was a first sergeant and Scout. Contact: Mike Pacheco;

Looking for: Information on my Dad, Arnold Lee Fant, WW2 in the Phillipine Islands. He was first assigned to the 615th Engineer Base Equipment Company and arrived on Leyte, PI on 29 March 1945. He was in country for 8 months and 22 days. Contact: Richard Fant;

Looking for: Information of my father, now deceased, Hubert “Jack” John Griffiths. He was, I believe, a mess Sergeant and very proud of his part. I am now 63 and preparing information for our grandson and family. One action that I remember my mom spoke of was when his company went in to take out the Japanese and only three men from the company were left. From New Caledonia they went to Guadalcanal. This was the first of “three times they went over the beach” (Dad’s words). They relieved the 3rd Marine Division on Bougainville. I took this to be the second “wet” beach landing. The final landing was on Leyte/Cebu.” I’d like to confirm this and if one of these was where his company was wiped out. Also any awards, campaigns, or qualifications would also be helpful to know. A side note, like many service men during these times, my mom and dad were married on a six day furlough, honeymooned on the train down to California, stepped off the train and didn’t see each other for 33 months. Contact: Walt Griffiths;

Looking for: Bronze Star recipient David J. Berkeley, SSG from Mass served in Guadalcanal in WWII. His daughter has asked me to attempt getting information for her. Contact: Bertrand Chouinard, MSG (USA Ret); BPJC43@GMAIL.COM.

Looking for: Information about my grandfather’s Presidential Unit Citation for service in Guadacanal. He never spoke of his service, but I would like to get more information related to his time serving. Contact: Phil Taggart;

Looking for: Information about my grandfather. He was on Cebu island in 1945 and was wounded in April ( I think). I am looking for any information your organization might have. He was in the 132 Americal division B company ( all he could remember). He said only 3 people from his company where not killed or wounded in the battle he was injured in. His Name was Ralph Dean Lee (born 1925) he was a replacement on Leyte prior to going to Cebu. I recorded him in 2005 telling some stories. One of which was his company commander being to his right and getting hit before he himself was injured. He never found out if he was killed or not. Infact he never made contact with anyone after coming home (he passed away some 14 yr ago). Any info nearly related to where he was or what his unit did or what he did. would be awesome. Contact: Nathan Grissom;

Looking for: Information on my grandfather, Charles Alfred DiRienzo who was in Americal Division in World War 2. He was at Guadalcanal and Bougainville and was a medic or worked in medical division. He was friends with a soldier named Al and we have many cartoons that the two drew. He was also a boxer in the army, which I believe was welterweight. Contact: J. L. N. Grant:

Looking for: Anyone who may have known, known someone else who knew, or personally had known about Ralph Holso, G Co., 2/182 Inf. Regt., who was killed during the Battle of Hill 260 on Bougainville on March 11, 1944. He was awarded the bronze star posthumously for his actions during, or around, that time. Any information whatsoever would be greatly appreciated. Contact: Aaron L; email:

Looking for: Information regarding when my dad, William A. Gold , 26th signal Corp would have gone to Australia for R & R. One time saw an engagement notice in an Australian paper. Disappeared. Now that my mom has passed away trying to see if I can find any information. Dad loved going to the ADVA reunions and I was lucky enough to accompany him to a couple. Any guidance appreciated. Contact: Carl Gold;

Looking for: Information about my Uncle Kenneth E. Carter who served in the Americal Division during WWII. He was born Jan. 2, 1924 in Mapleton, Maine. Contact: Name: Jim Carter; Email:

Looking for: Information on DiNicola.  I am an Australian living in Bandung, Indonesia. In Australia a friend of mine’s wife was a little girl during WW2 and had some American soldiers stay with the family. I have some letters and an envelope showing an address from the soldier. We believe him to be Staff Sergeant V.E. or maybe J.E. Di Nicola, Army number 20610230, Co A, 132nd Infantry APO. 71670 P.M. San Francisco. The letters are signed off by Jim or J.E. Di Nicola? The 132nd Infantry Regiment was part of the Illinois Army National Guard and saw much action in the South West Pacific theatre. For some time now I have been trying to gather information on this soldier without luck. I can find the history of the 132nd Infantry Regiment easy enough but nothing on this specific soldier is difficult.  Contact:  Daryl Mills;

Looking for: Any info about my grandfather who was in the 182nd Infantry Regiment from the start to the finish of the war. His name is Theodore St. Laurent. He was drafted in April of 1941 and fought on Guadalcanal, Bougainville and the Phillipines. He got out as a Tec 4. Contact: David St. Laurent;

Looking for: Information about my grandfather, George Bernard Douglas. My grandfather was in WWIIl. I was told in Americal Division. I was told he was on 115s. I saw his discharge once when I was little boy and he had five 5 bronze stars devices and Purple Heart. I believe back then you got bronze stars for campaigns. Contact: James Douglas;

Looking for: Information on my grandfather “Bill”, William L. Webber. He was on Cebu, Bouganville, and Leyte. He was shot on two separate occasions. He never spoke of his time in the war, my family knows nothing on his service time. Contact: Terry Webber;

Looking for: Information about PFC George A. Preece who was in the Americal Division, 182nd, Company G, and killed in WWII on April 12, 1945 on Cebu. Contact: D. Preece

Looking for: Information. My father became attached to the Americal Division in early August 1945 as a replacement infantryman. He served on Cebu until his unit was transferred to be a part of the Japanese occupation. He never spoke of any battlefield action, but I have read that the Americal Division continued to oppose the Japanese troops on Cebu until they surrendered their weapons in late August. Dad recalled being at Okinawa as well as Tokyo. I would appreciate any information about the Americal Divisions activities on Cebu after the atomic bomb attacks on Japan of August 6 and 8. I am also curious about the Division’s occupation activities. I know that Dad remained in the Tokyo area after the Americal Division returned to the U.S. in the autumn of 1945. He was attached to a salvage operation until he shipped home for discharge in November/December 1946. Contact: George Bowers;

Looking for: WWII Chaplains. My father, the late Lt. Colonel N.R. Zagami (0349502) served with the Americal Division. I wish to find the names of any Catholic chaplains who were embedded with the Division in 1943 and 1944. I have my father’s wartime diary and am preparing a docudrama based on it. Contact: Richard France, D.D., Ph.D.;

Looking for: Any information on my grandfather, Staff Sergeant Gerald Bloomer. He was with the 182 Infantry and received a Bronze Star. He was MIA for several months but was finally found. His battles include: Guadalcanal, New Caledonia, New Georgia, and Bougainville. Contact: Amy Connor;

Looking for: Information about my Dad, Joseph Sinacola, TEC 5. He passed away in 1976 in an auto accident. He served in the 3rd Battalion 182nd Infantry in the Northern Solomons and Southern Philippines from 1943 to 1945. My goal is to get in contact of someone that served with my Dad and if possible be a guardian for that individual on the Honor Flight Northeast Indiana. Contact: Dennis Sinacola,

Looking for: Information on my grandfather. I am the grandson of Seargant George E. Donovan from Massachusetts, who was in the Americal Division, field artillery in the Soloman Islands, Guadalcanal. Then went on to fight in Europe. George passed away before I was born, so begins my search to find out about this incredible man. Contact: Paul Smith;

Looking for: Information about Sgt. Charles Harris “Cotton” Vickers, Jr. who was in the Americal Division and killed in WWIi on March 11, 1944 on Bougainville, Solomon Islands. Contact: Phillip Plotz, M.D.;

Looking for: Information on my Dad, Lewis Alvin Grass, who went by Al a that time. Indications are he was in the Army Reserves in Massacusetts and on December 8, 1941 – along with some friends – awaited assignment at the armory in Malden or Melrose, Mass. At some point he appears to have been assigned to a Marine unit needing truck drivers. He was evacuated in late December or early January, 1943. Contact: Stephen Grass;

Looking for: Information about my uncle, PVT Willard J. Coulter, Co B, 2nd Bn, 164th Inf Regiment, Americal Division. He was KIA on 25 Nov 1942 near the Matanikau River, Guadalcanal. I am trying to find any details of when he joined the North Dakota National Guard, his MOS, and anything else that anyone might know. Contact: Brenda Brockett;

Looking for: Information on Sgt. Paul V MacAulay, who was with the Americal Division on Guadalcanal. I am a historian working on a book about the town of Marblehead, Massachusetts in World War II. I have come across a number of newspaper articles about him, but have not been able to obtain his military records. According to local newspaper accounts, Sgt. MacAulay was a “rifle squad leader” and received the purple heart for wounds sustained on Guadalcanal. Contact: Sean M Casey;

Looking for: Places that my father, Havard B. Dowlin, Jr. would have served with the Americal Division. I know he shipped out from Pennsylvania in December 1942 and was part of the Occupation Forces in Japan, stationed a few blocks down from General MacArthur. Contact: Nina Dowlin;

Looking for: Information on Amos Herman Mitchell, served in New Caledonia in 1942, believed to be in the Americal Division when it was formed. He is now 100 years old. Any information you can provide is appreciated. Contact: Ned Mitchell;

Looking for: Information about my grandfather, John H. Rima. He served in the Americal division during WWII. His records were lost years ago. We are looking to find out as much information about his time in service. If you can help me with anything that would be great. Contact: Matthew A. Rima;

Looking for: Any information on my grandfather, Staff Sergeant Gerald Bloomer. He was with the 182 Infantry and received a Bronze Star. He was MIA for several months but was finally found. His battles include: Guadalcanal, New Caledonia, New Georgia, and Bougainville. Contact: Amy Connor;

Looking for: Information on WWII vet. I live in Bendigo Australia. During WW2, 2 members of task force 6814 were billeted with my grandparents (Dec) at 201 Forest St, Bendigo. My understanding is that one of them was later killed on Gaudalcanal. I am trying to locate relatives a soldier in a photograph that I have so that it might be returned to the family. It may mean a lot to them. I know it’s a long shot but his name was ‘Dick’ or perhaps ‘Richard’. My grandparents spoke fondly of him. Lest we forget. Contact: Steven Smith;

Looking for: More information. I recently requested and received my grandfather’s separation papers from the Army. He was a WWII veteran and the papers state he was assigned to the 164th. He is deceased now, and never really spoke about his service. I would love to find out some more about his time, such as when he was in the 164th, and what battalion and company. If you could help me so I can share it with my family, especially his wife, I would appreciate it. His name was PFC Edgar E. Dunning II. Contact: 1LT Samuel Dunning;

Looking for: Information on Doeke DeBoer Jr. He enlisted in November 1942 and was designated Task Force 6814 and sent to Melbourne, Australia first then to New Caledonia. He was then assigned to Company K of the 132nd and merged with the 164th. We do not know which Battalion he was part of yet but would love to find out. We believe he was promoted to Sergeant in August 1944 and became a Platoon Leader (also the BAR gunner). He was discharged October 31st 1945.  Contact: Nick Rice;

Looking for: Information about the death of Sgt. Edmund Jagodzinski for Woodward High School Hall of Fame Veterans project. The project is an attempt to identify and describe the sacrifice of Schools veterans so today’s and future students might understand the sacrifice that was made for them. This is the information we have on Sgt. Jagodzinski:Jagodzinski, Edmund – Sgt. US Army KIA Silver Star Feb.20th,1944 Leyte, Birth 4 Feb 1922 Philippines Service Purple Heart Unit 182nd Infantry Regiment, Americal Division Death 20 Feb 1945 (aged 23) Philippines Burial Manila American Cemetery and Memorial Manila, Metro Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines Plot D Row 9 Grave 137. Son of Andrew & Lorraine “Valeria” Ann Kruczynski Jagodzinski. Brother of Stanley Andrew Jagodzinski & Raymond “Ray” J. Jagodzinski. We would like to find out the manner of his death and the circumstances of him being awarded the Silver Star. Contact: Tom Toth;

Looking for: Information about my father-in-law Charles Floyd Fielder. He fought on Guadalcanal I believe with 164th Infantry. He was a private. Contact: Terry Close;

Looking for: Any info on my father who served in Americal Div. Fiji, Bouganville, Phillipines etc. Drove for General Arnold. Served 1943-1945 changed his name and could be Gene Carol Hacker? Contact: Mark Hacker;

Looking for: Information on a WWII Vet named James J Soucek, I know he was in the 182nd Infantry Regiment. Contact: Seth Cooper;

Looking for: Informaiton on my father, Adolf Haffenreffer, Jr. who served in the 182nd Inf. Regt., Americal, as captain. I have his Bronze Star, Distinguished Service Cross, and Purple Heart. He was at Guadalcanal, Cebu and Bougainville. Contact: Adolf F Haffenreffer III, PO Box 472, Little Compton, RI 02837

Looking for: Information on my dad who was in the 182nd inf. regiment of the Americal Division on Guadalcanal. His name was Sgt. Chester M Seremet and I’m trying to find out which company he was in. Contact: Martin Seremet;


Looking for: Any information of my father, Albert Lorenzo Knapp. He was a member of the Americal Div, during WWII. He was on Guadacanal and Bougainville. He was in Artillery, 5 inch guns. A gun blew up in his face and he spent time on an Island recovering. Contact: J.C. Knapp;


Looking for: Any information on my uncle Sgt. JT Fowler. JT was his actual name, not initials.  He served with the 132d Inf of the Americal Division during WWII. He was killed in action April  3d 1945 in Cebu, Philippines. Anything that you can tell me about his time in the Army such as campaigns or engagements would be appreciated. Contact: Jerry Fowler;; 128 NE 74th St.; Oak Island NC 28465; 910-512-3209


Looking for:  Information on my father James Hartson Cole of the Americal Divison. He was in in pre-Pearl, Pearl Harbor,Wakia Island (3 day battle) , wounded on Guadacanal Jan 18th or 19th 1943. I am trying to confirm he was in 25thinfantry divison. i am trying to reconstruct his service. The records were destroyed in the 1975 fire in Mo.. he passed in 1971.  I have pictures of Henderson field and “Toyko Joe” plane and others that need identifying.  Contact:  Christine D (Cole) Casey;


Looking for:  Information on the 132nd 2nd battalion pictures names roster from the Guadalcanal.  Trying to put a name on one of the pictures from the grassy knoll.  Contact:  Joseph Goode;

Looking for:  Information.  I found out through the Army that my uncle died on September 24, 1944.  One officer and 8 enlisted soldiers were sent to find and search the body of a Japanese soldier killed earlier in the day. The patrol was ambushed and the 8 enlisted men were killed and the officer crawled back to the lines. All of this happened on Bougainville. He was with the 182nd infantry. Two of the 8 bodies were identified but the other 6 weren’t because of heavy fighting in the area. I sure hope someone alive still remembers something about my uncle and can tell me about him. I also want to thank the U.S. Army for their super effort in getting a lot of information on my uncle. I would also like to thank the office of Congressman Blake Farenthold for sending my request to the Army who responded quickly.  Contact:  Michael gibson;

Looking for: Traces of Sgt Theodore Wolf, who served at Guadalcanal. He never spoke of his service and we have no records. We are hopeful your organization might have info or clues as to how to learn about his service. Any help will be appreciated. Contact:  Kenn Cunningham;

Looking for: information about my dad (Stanley J. Lacienski II). He served in the 182nd Infantry of the Americal Division during WWII in the Pacific Theater. I would like to know more about his time there but have come up empty on resources. Would you recommend any?  Contact:  Stanley J. Lacienski III;

Looking for: Information on a WWII era soldier named Virgil J Thorne. He was part of the 132nd Infantry regiment which I believe was part of the Americal division. Contact: John Loertscher;

Looking for:  Information about my grandfather Mack Dewbre.  He was in the Americal Divison and served in the Philippines. We have very little information on what any details were. His full name was Charlie McCrory Dewbre. Contact: Beau Dewbre;

Looking for: Unit information on Roy Arnold Lindberg. He may have served in the Americal on Guadalcanal? He was in the North Dakota National Guard and probably in the 164th Infantry regiment. He was/is an uncle to my neighbor. Contact: Keith Whitman;

Looking for: Any information regarding my father, William Albert Frank Buege. He was a chaplain and a captain in the Americal Division from Guadacanal on through Fiji, Bougainville. I am lookiing for information about his service time. Contact: William Buege;

Looking for: Any veteran who knows my grandfather, John A. Crowhurst. Heis a WWII Americal veteran who served on Bougainville and during the occupation of Japan, will be turning 98 this fall. We are hoping to find out if there are any other survivors from his unit in Northern California – or anywhere. Contact: Jean Rice;


Looking for:  Anyone with information about my uncle, Bruno J. Klemm (Klimkowski).  I believe he served with the Americal Division at Cebu.  Contact:  Mark Klimkowski<

Looking for:  Information on  Roy Arnold Lindberg.  I am trying to determine if he served with the Americal Division in WWII, Guadalcanal, 164th Inf. Regt., North Dakota National Guard.  Contact:  Keith Whitman <>

Looking for: Anyone who knew my grandfather, John A. Crowhurst, a WWII Americal veteran who served on Bougainville and during the occupation of Japan. He will be turning 98 this fall and we are hoping to find out if there are any other survivors from his unit in Northern California – or anywhere. Contact: Jean Rice; <>

Looking for: Anyone who may have known my great uncle or would know how to find out information about him. Tommy Garrett never came home. My grandfather told me that Tommy and a group of other soldiers were on an island and went into the jungle for some reason. Apparently, only one of them returned and said something about being attacked. When everyone went into the jungle to find them, there was no trace of them. Here is the info that I know about Tommy Garrett- From Texas; Service Number 38220894; Rank Private First Class; Service U.S. Army; Regiment 182nd Infantry Regiment, Americal Division; Date Death 03-26-1946; Awards Bronze Star, Purple Heart; Burial Missing in Action or Buried at Sea, Tablets of the Missing at Manila American Cemetery, Manila, Philippines. Contact: Michael Gibson; <>; 361-438-1099.